Build Your Business 1 Product At A Time, Part 1

tortoise 150x150 Build Your Business 1 Product At A Time, Part 1We all remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare (Rabbit). The Hare was always moving fast, zig zagging from one place to the next, while the Tortoise methodically made his way from point A to B…beating the hare every time.

So it goes with building your online presence. At, we feel it’s so important to build your business 1 product at a time, that we’re structuring our business around this theme.

When we say “1 product at a time”, we’re talking about these ingredients:

  1. Picking your best “lead” product to promote.
  2. Creating your Lead generation and Sales structures around this 1 product.
  3. Focusing your marketing around this product for now.
  4. Refining the product and marketing pieces.

Today, we’ll focus on the first two..picking up the others in our next post.

1. Pick Your Best Lead Product

What I’m talking about here is to look at what your customers needs the most and begin here. Maybe you alreadyhave that product. Or perhaps you have to create it…or maybe even promote an affiliate’s product until you have your own. In any event, it is the product or service that most of your audience needs from you right now.

This is a matter of focus. If you divert your attention to a number of other products, you’ll get mediocre results. This is also valuable because it enables you to build your marketing funnel around this lead product. The idea is once your customer has consumed this first product, it is easy for you to keep your attention on what’s next for them..that you can deliver.

Envision how much easier it is to be focused on a progression of products and services…rather than a hodge podge of products.

2. Create your Lead generation and Sales structure around this 1 product.

At first glance, this appears pretty straight-forward. It’s about building a Landing page with an opt in form to capture your prospect’s information, followed by an Email communication system (Autoresponder). As you build your relationship with your prospect, then you send them to your Sales page, as the next logical step.

But the problem is that many peoiple throw up 1 Landing page related to their product, and then expect that everyone who might be attracted to what they have to sell will find them through that opt in page. By taking the time to focus on 1 product at a time, you allow yourself to get in touch with the different motivations of your market. You then can attract these prospect groups separately by creating a Landing page focused solely on their needs…and their search terms.

This approach leads to better email communications, and ultimately enhancing their motivation to buy your product.

We have begun an 8 part teleseminar series going into complete detail about this “1 product at a time” concept and all its moving parts. To get access to this series, CLICK HERE.

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