20 Tips To Improve Your Sales Efforts

There’s an expression applicable to business, “Pick the low-hanging fruit”. In a general sense, it refers to the act of doing the things that can be most productive for you in the moment without a lot of new effort.

But, let’s expand it’s relevance for you in your business. There are 2 things of primary importance…adding new prospects and making more Sales. Handle these and all other issues work themselves out.

In your business, your low hanging fruit is being attentive to the needs of your existing prospects and customers…your List. You’ve worked hard to get them. You want to pay particularly close attention to their needs, because this is the easiest way to increase your Revenue, in the process.

I’d like to share with you a summary of 20 powerful tips that have survived the test of time for increasing your Sales. It ‘s  a reminder to pay attention to those things that are right in front of you, but for which we often overlook…also “low-hanging fruit”.

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  1. Martha Giffen

    Prospecting, prospecting, prospecting. In my opinion, that sums up what to do ever single day! Nice post :)

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