Monthly Archives: August 2010

A Critical Early Step in Building Your Business!

What is the first thing most peoiple should attend to when starting their online business? Is it to… a. Get your blog up and start writing posts. b. Setup your Twitter and Facebook accounts and start making connections? c. Pinpoint the easiest way for you to start making a little money each month and take action on that. d. Create an optin page with an Autoresponder and start to build your List. Whereas all the above actions are good early steps for your business, the best answer is “C”. Here’s why.

Staying Connected | A Different Perspective on Time Management

As Deb and I are relaxing on vacation in Maine, some insights popped into my head that I’d like to share. We all know that Time is a precious commodity, and we often seem to shuffle to get it all done. So many of the tips we hear about are based on an assumption that we have all day to sit at our desk and focus on being productive. A Different Take On Managing Our Time In my experience, the available time for someone marketing online usually falls into one of these broad categories… 1. Big, Focused Blocks to Work…