Monthly Archives: June 2011

Let Your Customers Create Your Content-Part 1!

The number 1 rule in product creation is “listen to what your customers are requesting”. The idea is that we so often default to thinking we know what people want that we never get around to polling our market to see what they really want. Well, one easy way to find good content that your market really is interested in is as a result of the questions that your existing List members are asking. That’s what this 4 minute video is about.

A Business Plan You Will Follow

Most successful people attribute their success to one thing…taking the time to plan. It must go further than that…to having a system that makes it easy for you to follow through, so you’ll actually do it. My friend, Don Crowther, shares in the video below a simple 2 page system for creating such a plan. And…you can grab the worksheets at the link he provides at the end of the video. So, check it out. Mynders and Deb