Monthly Archives: February 2012

The ‘Mentor Method’

Building a successful business involves combining a number of proven Strategies. In this 10 minute video, I show you how to leverage the skillset and interests you’ve been developing over your life, prior to starting your Internet business. Learn the value of hooking up with a ‘Mentor’ to coach you to your next level of success, as well as allow your latent talents to shine. Again…if you found this valuable, please comment below.

Dual Monitors at your Office and on the Road

Years ago, I decided to make my laptop my primary computer, so I wouldn’t have to transfer files when I traveled. I picked up an external monitor to compensate, but it wasn’t until I put ‘dual monitors’ into place that I truly realized what I was missing. I gained the ability to work from one document on the left while I created content on the right, have multiple files open, etc. Dual Monitors when you Travel? And then, I found a way to do the same thing while on the road. Let me show you in this short, 4.5 minute…