A 30 Day Challenge To Form A New Habit!

Are there things you know you should be doing in your daily business, but you just can’t seem to develop the new habit? Writing Blog posts is one of those for me.

In mid April, I joined a 30 day challenge for blogging  and was 1 of 50 marketers who actually completed the task of writing 30 blog posts over a 30 day period. But that alone did not form a habit, as attested to the reality of sporadic blog post submissions after the contest ended. I had to ask myself, “What was missing?”  

A New Habit Must Have an Emotional Pull To Stick

I noticed, upon the completion of the challenge, that some of those who had also finished were talking about their new found friends, JV relationships formed, significant list building that resulted, etc. Had I missed the boat?

That got my attention, and I felt that emotional tug inside me (that has the power to make habits sticky)…so I decided I’d do it right the next time and fully show up.

A New Challenge…Join Me

Well, I’ve gotten another chance, and I’d love to have you join me. This time, it’s Jeanette Cates who’s leading the charge by hosting the 30 day challenge…and today is day 1 of the challenge. It runs the month of June…submit 30 blog posts in 30 days. You can read about it and join the 30 day challenge here.

Here are some of the benefits you stand to realize. You’re likely to…

  1. Find new Joint Venture and Mastermind partners, as you participate with like-minded marketers.
  2. Notice your List build, as your volume of posts finds their way into the minds of your market.
  3. Increase blog traffic, as your backlinks and search engine ranking improve due to your commenting on others’ articles.
  4. Become skilled at creating new content for products and learn to repurpose what you write into articles, audios, videos, reports, etc.
  5. Increase your social networks following (and potential conversions onto your List) as you Tweet about your posts
  6. Increase your skill at making money on the internet as you build the frequency of communicating with your List (about the new found content you are creating).

So, check it out for yourself. Once more, here’s the link.


Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Jeanette Cates

    Interesting that you didn’t feel you fully “showed up” Mynders. What do you think will make the difference this time? More commenting/interaction? Most time on #blog30? I look forward to your insights.
    And welcome BACK to the Blog Challenge!

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  2. Jeanne Kolenda

    Hi Mynders,
    It’s good to know that you’ll be involved in this challenge, because you and Deb both bring SO much to the table. It takes a commitment to become fully involved, but I think the payoff is huge on so many levels. Let’s stay in touch and watch where this takes us!

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  3. Bobbye Middendorf

    Interesting observation! I was pretty involved in the first #blog30 challenge, but then my posts did peter out for awhile. (I had also gotten a bit behind on client work, so that was my “excuse.”) I didn’t get around to everyone in the first circle, and this time the group seems even bigger, so it will be a different energy to connect with those most like-minded during this blog challenge. I look forward to being in conversation with you. Thanks for your insights about stickiness of habits. That is something I’m working on!
    Bobbye Middendorf
    The Write Synergies Guru

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  4. Mynders

    Jeanette: What will make the difference this time is being better mentally prepared and organized to follow up on comments, retweeting, etc.

    Jeanne: I love the connection we’ve made since January. It’ll be great participating with you in this challenge…and seeing you here in Colorado in August.

    Bobbye: It really does come down to self-discipline doesn’t it? And you’re welcome on the habits article.

    “Free Membership to Help Online Business Owners solve their technology issues so they can focus on what’s most important!

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