7 Swipe File Tips to Shortcut Your Way to Online Success

My first swipe file was five big banker boxes of magazines, catalogs, direct mail letters and packages (considered junk mail to many). It had taken me more that three years to collect this treasure! And I used it almost daily in our direct mail business. In fact, I don’t know what I’d have done without it.

OK, sure. That was back in the early 1990′s. Ah, the slow old days of snail mail and all that entailed.

It’s a different world now. We have the internet, autoresponders, automated sales processes and often, instant delivery of products. It’s fast — really fast!

You can use that same speed to build your own swipe files rapidly using the internet. What took me three years to collect I can now do in about three weeks. And if I’m just looking for some sales page examples — maybe 30 minutes.

NOTE: As you get going, remember that swipe files are never about copying others’ work — that would be unethical and often illegal. It’s called plagiarism.

The good news is, you really wouldn’t want to out-and-out copy them anyway. To really use swipe files effectively, you’ll have to modify and adapt them to your market, your business, and your voice.

So when you start collecting your swipe file examples to use as templates in your business, what should you be swiping?

7 Pieces of Info You Definitely Want in Your Swipe File

1. Website Design and Layout Ideas

You will surely want to check out the websites and blogs of your best competitors. But don’t forget to look outside of your market. Often you can adapt sites and ideas from other niches and they’ll work like gangbusters for you.

2. Sales Page Copy and Structure

When you find a sales page that makes you want to buy, swipe that page! And then look at it carefully, asking yourself questions about what made it so powerful for you.

3. Thank You Page or One Time Offers

Many marketers will take you to a One Time Offer or to another product offer on their thank you for opting in page. They may also do this after you buy from them. You’ll want to swipe this, too.

4. Downsells, Upsells and Backend Sales

This is really important to notice, as it can tell you a lot about their sales process. It’s not uncommon for a person to offer a product as a ‘loss leader,’ and make their big profit with followup sales.

5. Tell a Friend

Are they using this strategy? How do they implement it?

6. Email Campaigns

You’ll absolutely want to optin to their email sequence, so that you can swipe, analyze and modify their autoresponder campaigns.

7. Marketing and Business Strategies

A great swipe file can be so much more than just copywriting templates and ideas. After you have swiped as many aspects of a marketing campaign as possible, you can explore their whole marketing mindset. Be careful here if you plan to model after what you have swiped. There could be more parts to their process than you have seen.

Get started right away building your own swipe files to shortcut your writing process…and more.


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