Action Beats Perfection in Building an Online Business!

In the world of online business-building, action beats perfection every time. It’s all too easy to keep working on your product or sales page long past the time that it was good enough to publish.

Sure, you want to put your best effort out there into the online world, especially if this is your first real offering on the internet. And while it is important not to offer people useless, boring, rehashed information or bland, me-too products, there is a point where you just have to stop tweaking and start selling.

Until you put your product, service, article or sales page on display online, you won’t really get going with your business. It’s that action step that takes you from creating to selling that makes your business viable and profitable. And you won’t sell until you make the offer; the proposition. The sales pitch.

Test Your Product or Service in the Marketplace

Chances are your product or page is already good enough to test. And that’s what this initial offering is all about. Once you get your sales page up and make your product available, then people can either buy it… or not.

If they don’t buy it, then you need to investigate. Perhaps you will find that your product itself needs to be improved. Or maybe the sales page needs some work. Make a change in some key aspect, and continue to gather data.

Use that data to modify your product or service; to make it better. The information you will receive from your prospects and customers is many times more valuable than anything you might think of by yourself.

And chances are, they will buy! And all of a sudden, you find that you have created an online business.

Sales are coming in. Prospects and customers start making suggestions for new offerings. And when you create new products or services in response to requests from your list, then you have a built-in market for them.

Who could ask for more?

Action Always Triumphs Over Perfection

So don’t let your desire to create the perfect product keep you from taking that vital action step in your business.

Move forward knowing that some of your creations will succeed… and some will not.

And remind yourself that this is just part of having any business, whether it is an online business or a bricks and mortar store. If you accept this reality as a normal part of business-building, then the first time you serve up a ‘flop’ you won’t be tempted to beat yourself up, or worse yet — quit! You will just see it for what it really is — test data to help you improve your business — and move on.

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  1. Sheila Atwood

    I agree. Taking action is senior to perfection.

    The more I do something the more it becomes perfected. It gets to the point that I don’t even think about it any more. It has now become knowledge.

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  2. Mynders

    Sheila, with so many action steps required to build our businesses, it makes it more important than ever that we create a simple duplicatable system so that we can go down that learnuing curve you reference…so it becomes second nature.

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