Add a Folder on Your Webhost

wehostfolder 150x150 Add a Folder on Your WebhostDuring a recent Tuesday Teleseminar on blogging and WordPress, we got into a discussion about how to organize the various web pages and files that you upload to your website host to become a part of your website.

Just like you create folders on your computer’s hard drive to help you keep yourself organized, you can use folders on your webhost to help to organize the webpages and files you include on your website.

You might create a separate folder for audios, videos, pdf files, zip files, and targeted web pages. This allows you to update your website information more easily, and keeps important pages and files from getting ‘lost’ on your webhost.

The best time to create an organizational structure for each website is in the beginning. Don’t wait until you have uploaded 27 audios, 14 videos and 72 web pages! If you try to organize after the fact, while it is possible, the URL structure for each item, page and file that you move into a folder will be changed. And that means you either have to create redirects to them, or locate all of your links and update them. Ack!

Here’s what I mean…

Let’s say you started off by dumping – I mean uploading – everything into your main folder under the domain name. For example, if your domain was, let’s say you uploaded everything into the public_html folder under

That means that a pdf file named MyReallyGreatReport.pdf would be linked to using the following URL:

If you have a bunch of those types of links created, and then you decide to add a folder called ‘pdf’ and put all of your pdf files in that folder, the link listed above would no longer find your pdf. That’s because your report is now living inside a folder called ‘pdf.’

The link to your pdf would now be:

Do you see the folder name there between your domain name and the name of the pdf file?

So rather than wait and try to clean up your webhost files AND your links, set up a logical folder system earlier rather than later. Here’s a short 8 minute video showing how to do just that.

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