Affiliate Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Immediately!

Dr. Jeanette Cates is an Affiliate Marketing professional who
hadn’t hit our radar screen until recently, but we’re certainly
glad we found her. She definitely deserves the attention of
anyone who wants to improve their profits by promoting valuable
products of others.

Recently, Jeanette hosted a 90 minute webinar on Affiliate
Marketing Strategies, and after quickly covering the basics,
jumped into some advanced strategies that even the most seasoned
expert will want to implement.

In my view, the best part about her presentation was the
tight organization with rich content. Further, since value-added
Shortcuts are what Deb and I are about, we loved the fact that
the webcast outputs included a specific Action Plan, her
Powerpoint slides, and several bonus resources to assist in
implementation of the strategies.

If you like money-making ideas you can put to good use
immediately, you’ll definitely want to visit:


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