After several months of planning, Deb and I just launched our new free Membership site to provide you access to our Technology Tutorials…all from 1 location.


Deb and I started because we wanted to help others minimize the frustration that almost everyone faces when it comes to setting up the technology pieces for their online business.

In the last 2 Live Events we attended, several people who have experienced our step by step teaching style asked us if we could create specific “How to” tutorials in easily consumable segments…so they could implement what was next for them in their business.

Our new “Tutorials” Membership site does just that by providing you 3 main opportunities:

1. Access, as a Member, to “free” tutorials to help you optimize your online navigation…making it easier to be successful in your business.
2. Providing you easy access to our “for purchase”  Tutorials and Courses, so you only have 1 log-in to access all your purchased content.
3. To keep you informed, from one central place, as to what Content and Events we have available to help you build your business…and where you can tell us what technology tutorial you need next.

Here’s How To Get Your Free
“Bronze” Membership

For a limited time, we’re providing free access to BBSTutorials. To see what’s available and to register for your free membership, click here.

Now that we’ve started, expect to see lots of relevant content coming your way.

Also, if you missed our call about hoe to use the site and tutorials coming your way, you can access it here.


Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Kim Turcotte

    Deb & Mynders – just wanted to congratulate you on launching the membership site!

    You guys provide such valuable content, I just love how easily you break down even some of the more challenging tasks of building a business online into simple, easy to understand steps that even a non-techie can understand.

    I wish you well, I know it will be an amazing success!

    Warm wishes,

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  2. Jane Plass

    Deb, Mynders –

    Congratulations on the launch of BBS Tutorials! You have so much great content (free and paid), and I know there’s more to come. As a “graduate” of your Build a Profitable Business course, I’m looking forward to your moving that information into the new tutorials site so that I can access everything with one login. Will also be interested in the relaunch of your affiliate program.

    And a belated thanks to your past teleseminar on sandwich pages. I used that information to help organize the web pages for my new product, Get Organized for Taxes (

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  3. Donna Blevins

    Deb & Mynders – What a fantastic member site – great work! I really like the look and feel along with the great free content. It is so easy to navigate and gives true value.

    It is easy to see why your custmers and clients are safe to Move All-In with you!

    Donna “The Poker Coach”

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  4. Carol Giambri

    Deb and Mynders,
    Congratulations to the “birth/launch” of BBS Tutorials. You always give so much content and of yourselves unconditionally. Thanks for all you do that may never be known but behind the scenes. May you continue to rise beyond your wildest dreams!!


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  5. John Olson

    Good show Deb & Mynders. I’ve learned some things from reviewing your blog from time to time. Thanks for you generosity. Much continued success to you.

    Colorado Springs, CO

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    1. Mynders

      Thanks, John. As each day comes, we’re finding better ways to get content out to our followers so they can more easily implement the piece of technology that’s next for them….Mynders

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