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articleviews Article Marketing    Real Time Market Research Targeted to YOUI just popped over to check my statistics on EzineArticles, and (once again) was pretty surprised by the data.

Some of my articles are waaaaay ahead of others in numbers of views. The click-through numbers are very different for some than others. And the keywords people are searching on to find my articles are close to – but NOT the same as – the ones I specified for the article.

Wow! I am constantly amazed at how much I learn when I check my statistics.

If you are using Article Marketing in your business, you know how powerful it is. It drives traffic to your site, it helps you to become known in your marketplace, and it may even sell products or services for you.

But that’s not all article marketing can do for you.

It can also give you powerful data about which topics are attracting the most visitors. And which articles and article-writing styles are getting the best click-through rates. And, depending upon which article directory’s stats you are checking, it can give you keyword research.

Let’s say you have written five articles about how to write a dynamite resume.

They were:
Article A: 7 Tips for Writing a Targeted Resume
Article B: You’re Hired! A Resume They Can’t Say ‘No’ To
Article C: 5 Statements to NEVER Put in Your Resume
Article D: You’re Fired! How to Make Job Loss a Non-Issue in Your Resume
Article E: How to Write a Resume

You publish these four articles and then you give them some time – maybe a few weeks. Now you log in and check your stats.

And how about if your article views had stats like this:

Article A: 57 views
Article B: 73 views
Article C: 109 views
Article D: 311 views
Article E: 21 views

What can you learn from these numbers?

For starters, it looks like lots of people who have been fired or lost their jobs are  looking for new jobs – and they will be writing resumes. They want to know how they can discuss their past job loss without having it keep them from getting a new job.

You might consider writing more on the topic of job loss and how to handle the issue when trying to get an interview for a new job. Or maybe expand this to address how to handle this touchy issue during your interview as well.

Could there even be a product here? An ebook with different ways to handle this on a resume, perhaps. Maybe include a video showing a few clips of how to handle the subject in an interview?

There is probably more you can learn as well. Your readers may be concerned they may say the wrong thing in their resume.

Look at the difference in views between Articles A and E. They are probably a repurposing of basically the same information, yet the ’7 Tips’ article outpulled the ‘How to’ article.

Compare the writing style you used for the headline and the abstract. It looks like the ’7 Tips’ style captured the attention of more than twice as many readers. You might consider using that style again in future articles, when you are tempted to write a basic ‘how to’ article.

A real key to shortcuts in building your business is that you want all of your actions to serve more than one purpose.

Writing articles serves many purposes – and market research is a powerful and often overlooked benefit.

Now go check your stats!

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  1. Cristie, the CoCreative Coach

    Thanks for some great insights! This stuff really helps me to get centered on what I need to do to target my audience and provide important material for their benefit. I appreciate your time and energy sharing all of this with us. Kudos!

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