Article Marketing — Which Articles Should You Submit to Which Article Directories?

Well, the easy answer is “All of them, of course!”

But if you are writing a lot of articles and you don’t have the time to submit them all to the hundreds of article directories, then you have to have a plan — a shortcut, as it were.

First you have to decide which directories are your best bet. Which ones have readers who would most likely want to read your articles?

Of the Many Article Directories On the Internet…
Which One
Should You Choose?

  1. is the top-rated directory online. You’ll want to open a free account there and start submitting. Be sure to read the Author Guidelines first, though, and follow them carefully. The benefits of using EzineArticles is huge – and includes some market research that can help you decide what to write next.
  2. Select 3 to 5 of the most targeted and respected article directories in your market or niche. You will want to submit your articles to these directories individually (not by automated article submitter). Your best audience is probably right there.
  3. Get a free account at Article Marketer and submit to many directories using their automated service. They have paid accounts as well, but start with the free one. Click here to visit their site and get started (link opens a new window.)

OK. That’s enough to get a solid start. Now you have to select the articles you want to submit for wider distribution.

Choosing the Articles You Should Send to Many Article Directories

This is where you can use your statistics on EzineArticles to help you decide. You should look at the number of article views, how many times each article was emailed or reposted, the number of times the links were clicked, and the top three keywords searched on that led people to each article. And that’s just with the free membership. Whew!

Do you have some articles that stand head and shoulders above your other articles in popularity (number of views)? Consider submitting those to more directories.

Are there articles that have lots of clicks on the links? Definitely send those out for a further reach. After all, isn’t that a main reason you are writing articles? To get people to take action and visit your site or buy a product?

Are other directories or sites reposting your article to their readership? A definite sign of a winner article. Give it a larger audience and submit it to many directories.

And when you do submit your articles to other directories, remember to check the keywords that led to your article. List those keywords in addition to any others you may have specified for your article.

And remember, the more articles you have out there, the farther your reach, the greater your audience, and the faster your business will grow! So grab a pen (well, OK, your keyboard) and write.

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