What Next: Optin and Sales Pages Designed on WordPress?

Years ago, when I designed my first website,  I created  a training site for my downline in a nutritionals Network Marketing company in which I used to be active.

I recall drawing a diagram of what I wanted the site to look like, such that my downline could best access the training we had created for them. And then, I hired a web designer to actually create the site, at a price that was exhorbitant by today’s standards.

Also, that site had no marketing reach beyond the specific people whom had had the U.R.L. What a long way we’ve come.

Designing Your Core Websites on WordPress

Perhaps you’ve been on our Teleseminars where we’ve shared the versatility of WordPress Blogs. Passing rapidly away are the days of needing a separate website to display your products and services and a Blog to share your messages. Here are the days of Blogsites…combining the two.

 Some of the uses of which you’ve probably heard….

  • A traditional Blog where you write and share articles with your Market.
  • A Blogsite combining features of a traditional Website and a Blog.
  • A Membership Site whereby you receive a monthly fee to share new content you post every month.
  • A Course Delivery Site, where you give access to your Customers to specific course content.

Today, just about every new site we do is via a WordPress Blog, except perhaps Optin and Sales Pages…and even that is changing.

Optin and Sales Pages on WordPress

We are now seeing an emergence today of Optin pages being created on WordPress.  Wouldn’t it seem like we’d be confusing the prospect with too much information? Quite the contrary.

It all has come about as a result of Google’s increasingly stringent AdWords advertising policies. In order to get your ads shown these days by Google, they want sites that have a diversity of  “relevant” content available for the viewer.

This has afforded a great opportunity to merge traffic-generating Articles with an Optin opportunity. You know you need to write a series of Ezine Articles around your Optin Niche anyway. But what if each of those Articles you write have a link to a specific Wordpress Optin Blog.

How do you do this? Simply rework those same Articles into Blog Posts that appear on your Optin Blog. You have just achieved a wonderful combination of three goals:

  1. You’ve successfully created a format that will pass Google scrutiny (lots of content), allowing you to drive paid traffic to your Optin Page.
  2. You most likely will increase conversions as your prospects notice you have even more relevant content than the Article from which they came to the Optin Blog (page).
  3. You have disciplined yourself to attract more organic traffic because you’ve created multiple Articles and Blog posts around multiple keyword phrases.

 Our Prediction

It won’t be long until you see Sales Pages being delivered commonly via a Blog format.

Sales Pages, via a blog format, allow the opportunity for a prospect to see not only your static Sales Copy, but also your  incremental presale messages, such as a series of Videos leading up to the introduction of your topic.

This presents a total picture of the value of your product, as well as further positions you as a provider of quality content.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

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