Blog or Website — What Should You Choose?

write1 Blog or Website    What Should You Choose?While there is still a lot to say for traditional (and nontraditional) websites, blogging seems to be where it’s at today. And there are lots of reasons why this is so. Here are some things I love about blogs and blogging.

Ease of Use

I’ve had websites and I’ve had blogs. And for now, I’m loving my blogs.

Blogs are easy to set up, and very easy to manage. Blog posts don’t have to be long, and they can include audio, video, posts from other blogs.

You name it and you can probably do it with a blog!

Search Engines Love Blogs

A lot of our time in setting up websites was spent optimizing the site in general and every page so that the various search engines would find it and give it some page rank love. Blogs are easier to get ranked these days, and if you use the right kind of plug-ins and widgets (more on that later), SEO is pretty easy. There are even a number of WordPress plugins  that not only do SEO for you, they do it automatically.

Lets You Be You

For some strange reason, it seems easier to share your personality on a blog. Frequent posting captures your mood and your voice in a variety of situations, and on lots of topics. Use pictures and images in your posts to express yourself.

Want a More Traditional Website Look? You Can Do It with WordPress!

Perhaps your online goal is really more suited to having a traditional website type platform than a blog. The good news is that you don’t have to hire a webmaster or get an html editor. You can simply use the pages attribute in WordPress to create individual website-like pages. Then you can choose whether or not to have a blog on your website.

Want a Website-type Design? Choose Your Theme Carefully

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of WordPress themes available on the internet. Many are free, and some cost a bit of money. If you choose a theme that does not have sidebars, your site will look more like traditional webpages than the standard blog.

And the ease of creating a new page will blow you away!

Yup, for us, blogs are the way to go. And we prefer WordPress blogs hosted on our webhost.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Tradina

    I have never had a website, but I sure am enjoying my blog with WordPress. There are still a few things that I still need to learn and I still plan on adding two more pages to my blog, but like u said – blogging is where it’s at.

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    1. Deb

      Blogging really is great – and the WordPress platform is so versatile! I learn more about it every day.

      Continue to enjoy your blog!


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  2. Sarah

    Hi there, any advice why not blogspot instead of WordPress?

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    1. Deb

      Hi Sarah,

      We tend to prefer hosting our businesses on our own sites, not building them on other people’s free-type sites. If something goes wrong with your blog, if you are paying for hosting then you will have a person there who can help you get it fixed fast. I’ve heard (but thankfully not experienced myself) horror stories of people building a business on a free blogging platform (instead of installing WordPress on their own webhost), and one day they go to their blog and it is GONE! And they can’t find anyone to tell them why, or to help them get it back. Their whole business has vanished – in an instant. Who knows why they get removed? Accident? Someone reports them as offensive? No reason at all?

      All I know is that if I’m building a business, I want more control over my blog than I get with free blogging platforms. For a personal blog, they are probably fine. And I do also know people who have built their businesses on them, and have had no trouble. I just like to reduce risk where I can! Does that make sense?

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  3. Sarah

    Yes Deb, I guess it does. Thanks for shedding light. I am not so familiar with wordpress, hence i thought it is another free blogging platform like blogspot, xanga, tumblr, etc…

    I will go read more about it…


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    1. Deb

      Ah – you are correct, Sarah, as WordPress.COM is a free site just like those others you mentioned. We don’t put our blogs there either.

      We use the free WordPress software that you download from wordpress.ORG (or install easily through your cPanel of your hosting account) and put it on our own sites.

      It does get a bit confusing! Thanks for your response, so I could further clarify the difference. Have a great day!

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