Box Plus One|Leveraging Results

basketball 150x150 Box Plus One|Leveraging ResultsMany of us in the “Boomer” generation remember growing up with the ‘New Math’…the so called fresh approach for teaching kids arithmetic in grade school.

Well, the online world has evolved from the ‘Wonder of everything is possible’ to ‘An abundance of information at our fingertips’ to ‘ A feeling of overwhelm’. Most have literally reached the point where it seems there are just too many things to be done.

Have you ever felt moments when it seemed that the best you could hope for was to stay on top of what’s already on your plate, rather than move forward with new potentials?

My research is telling me that the age of taking yet another course (and adding to the already full plate) is reaching saturation. Instead, we are shifting to looking for better ways to process what we already have before us.

If that is you, then you’re going to love this leverage strategy in this 4 minute video. I call it “Box plus One”. Watch the video, and you’ll find why. And, if it is helpful, please comment and tweet.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Troy

    Great tip — I needed that today (and in general). Thank you!

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  2. Mynders Glover

    Thanks, Troy. Glad it spoke to you right now.


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  3. Yvonne A Jones

    Hi Mynders,

    I am so glad I came over and watched the video today. I currently write down everything I have to do in my Planner, but I really like the idea of a whiteboard so that I have a visual as soon as I enter my office.

    It’s amazing how quickly we forget things that worked in the past! Love the idea of boxing out time and your specific tip about boxing out a longer time but setting the timer for a shorter period. Anything that will work is good. The mind had got to be tricked sometimes in order to accomplish the desired results:)

    Today I’ll use this tip to work on a product I purchased over the weekend that I want to modify for online promotion and use as the basis for an off-line workshop. Thank you.

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  4. Carole

    This reminds me of the 4 hour work week – really works doesn’t it :)

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  5. Moreen Torpy

    I like the idea of tricking the brain into thinking there is less time to accomplish the task than is really available. Will give it a try to see what happens. :) thanks for the tip.

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  6. Mynders Glover

    You’re right…tricking the mind is a great strategy. I can’t tell you how many projects that I’ve procrastinated on..just to find they took less than 30 minutes when I finally sat down to do them. How much did that mental energy drain cost? This way, I get started right away because I cmn always find a half hour here and there.

    It is amazing how much more we can get done in condensed blocks. Work will expand to the time we have available.

    I learned something from your observation. My spin was the opposite…to trick the mind to saying on projects we might avoid, “How much can it hurt if I only have 30 minutes that I need to devote to it?” That usually leads to an emotional release allowing you to keep scheduling additional blocks until you get it done.


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  7. Gail

    I like the idea of the 30 minute time frame. Too many of my projects will take much longer than that and I never seem to have that block of time to set aside. However, I can come up with 30 minutes here and there and like you said, I might just keep on going because I’m in the Zone and it is happening! Nice tip.

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