A Broader Perspective on Creating Success

V17 AlignExpandSucceedsm 125x150 A Broader Perspective on Creating SuccessLast spring, Deb and I created our special “21 Building Blocks” Report on how to build a successful online business. The first 7 steps are the soft disciplines revolving around identifying your Values, setting goals around these, and building your business structure to support these. 

But beyond our experiences, there’s a book being launched today that  anyone who is ready to increase their commitment to running a conscious business should read.

In Align, Expand and Succeed”, Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success, you’ll meet 40 extraordinary men and women, from solopreneurs, healers, CEOs of multimillion dollar corporations, doctors, speakers, radio hosts, coaches – men and women who answered the call to share their insights and inspiration of what it took to live their truth as conscious entrepreneurs.

I want to share with you here some excerpts from interviews with some of these authors around the theme of this book. I hope it speaks to you as it did me.

Question: “Why is the topic of Align, Expand and Succeed important?”

Anita Crawford Clark
The way business is shifting in the 21st century will leave many entrepreneurs out in the cold if they do not recognize this shift and adjust their sails. Many are still sailing in the old direction of “dog eat dog” business practices. Consumers are no longer willing to accept 20th century marketing tactics. They want to do business with those they know, like and trust. This mandates relationships to be started, nurtured and continued in a way that places the highest value on the customer, their needs, their best interest and over a longer period of time.

Andrea Hylen
The most powerful moments in my life have been when I felt in total alignment with a project or event. Money, people, and resources appeared in unexpected ways. Even things like an unexpected inheritance, a fire on my property, a sponsor and more.

Jane Strassel
When you align with who you really are and become the best at being “you”,  you allow the good to come in.  Not only do you expand your own mind with the infinite possibilities, but you expand the minds of those watching you as you lead by example.  The success comes automatically because you are aligned and being your true self.  If you can do this as an individual, you can start affecting the world in this way. The success is in the journey of aligning and as we stay aligned, we will always be expanding and enjoying success not just for ourselves, but for our world.

Kathleen Gage
In order to fully live one’s purpose it is essential to know what your primary values are. Based on this knowledge the greatest gift we can give to others is to be in complete alignment with these values. The more in alignment we are the more likely we are to expand into a level of success that reaches far beyond simply the outward evidence of success. It applies to virtually every area of our life.

Lynne Klippel
So many entrepreneurs struggle.  They can be tempted by greed to cut corners, mis- represent things, or hurt others in an effort to get to the top.  Life and business is so much more fulfilling when a business owner can work from a place of integrity and respect.  As our world changes, we are called to shift to a more positive and conscious approach to everything we do.  Align, Expand and Succeed provides a road map of how we can make that shift in our business and in our life


 Today, when you get the book from Amazon.com, you receive this fabulous book and the choice of over 100 gifts from experts around the globe committed to your entrepreneurial success. Simply check out the link, read about it, and see if it moves you.


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  1. Kathleen Gage

    Thank you for posting this Mynders. I am thrilled you chose the information you did to share with your community. And yes, anyone who wants to truly be in their awareness and honor being a conscious entrepreneur will enjoy (and benefit from) this book.

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  2. Anita Crawford Clark

    I love how you took several author answers to the question, “Why is the topic of Align,Expand and Succeed Important?” Even I enjoyed reading the answers from the others and gleaming the wisdom from their thoughts.

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  3. Jennifer Shaw

    Thank you Deb and Mynders for sharing our message about the book! I love the phrase” soft disciplines” as it beautifully portrays the way we develop our conscious business and then share our messages with those in our target market. In times of so much change over the past few years we have been stretched and challenged to find new ways of relating as well as going inward to honing not so new ways so that we convey values that are true to us and reflect a modern and fresh approach to serving others.

    Many blessings,
    Jennifer Shaw

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  4. Jane Strassel

    Thanks Mynders. I am honored to be a part of this book and I know that anyone interested in running a conscious business will be thrilled to see and learn from the insights of so many incredible authors from around the world.

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  5. Suzanne Masefield

    What fabulous responses and as one of the co-authors on Align, Expand, Succeed I see our world changing at a great speed and we need to evolve with it and expand our perception of what is possible. Collaboration and Creating Win/Wins is the way forward.
    Working with integrity and authenticity is the hallmark of a Conscious Entrepreneur to build great relationships with clients and colleagues alike. Collaboration is key in the 21st century if we are to truly thrive. Thank you Suzanne

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  6. Anastasia Montejano

    These responses so eloquently share why the topic is so critical for conscious business owners. These folks are leading the way in their areas of expertise and making a difference each day.

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  7. Iris Rosenfeld, DC

    This was great to read afew of my co-authors responses to your question. Thank you for sharing this with us. It has been an amazing journey to share in the paradigm shift in this arena of conscious business.

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  8. Michelle Cochran

    Thank you for sharing a variety of answers from different authors I loved that approach. It gives a sample of the conscious business wisdom that is in Align Expand Succeed. I am so proud to be a contributing author along side so many experts in their fields.

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  9. Prem Dana Takada

    The path of Integrity in Conscious Business compels us to live by and through our core values and beliefs. Everyone profits in the end.

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  10. Marlene Clay

    I enjoyed reading these insights from several of the authors. Thanks for sharing this important info for today’s entrepreneur.

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  11. Lynne Klippel

    Thank you for sharing this information today! I loved what Anita said, ‘The success is in the journey of aligning and as we stay aligned, we will always be expanding and enjoying success not just for ourselves, but for our world.”

    As we all grow in our business, we have the opportunity to grow personally as well by moving past our own limitations. Being able to say YES to growth is an important part of being a conscious entrepreneur.

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  12. Carol Liege

    “The most powerful moments in my life have been when I felt in total alignment with a project or event. Money, people, and resources appeared in unexpected ways.” This quote from Andrea Hylen really resonates with me. Thanks for sharing it!

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  13. Christine M Long

    Wow! What amazing posts from so many conscious entrepreneurs. As a contributing author for ALIGN EXPAND and SUCCEED it is so inspiring to read the level of awareness of everyone’s contributions regarding what we are experiencing in business today. It is wonderful to know there are answers, solutions and guidance to empower any one who chooses to be open to a new way. This book provides just that and is designed for those who are aspiring to be conscious entrepreneurs or who are already but know there is always another level to expand to for greater success in all areas of life. Thank you Deb and Mynders for supporting this project and appreciating its timely birth into the world.

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  14. Lili Cruchelow

    In business we are faced with decisions everyday that test our values. Conscious entrepreneurs stay true to their core values never taking short term gains over long term outcomes. Align, Expand, and Succeed is a great book for any entrepreneur looking for inspiration.

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  15. Mynders

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments. It has been inspiring to participate in this launch of this great book. I’ve learned lots from the wisdom of the authors and others who have tweeted and commented.

    I’m glad also that many have enjoyed the tidbits of wisdom that I extracted from authors’ comments for the blog post.


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