Bucket List: A New Twist on Getting Things Done

bucketss 150x150 Bucket List: A New Twist on Getting Things DoneUsually, you think about a ‘Bucket List’ as a place you write down, or add to the bucket, all the future things you want to do in your life. The idea is that you then systematically go about having those rewarding life experiences.

But let’s explore a whole new perspective on this metaphor. Think about using this  in your business, and not to add to the bucket, but to empty it.

The Start of A Great Idea

Jason Fladlien gave me the start of this idea at a workshop in Vegas last weekend. Here’s his piece and 3 others.

Ah-ha #1 Find your most productive 2 hour period of the day…whether it’s 7-9 in the morning or 11-1 at night…and block it out to work in a very focused way. No interruptions are allowed during this period…no phone calls, no emails, no breaks, and no other projects. I started this this week, and the results were amazing! Watch your results unfold as you stay committed to maximum productivity for a short period of time.

Ah-ha #2 What if you created 2 such blocks in the morning (assuming that’s your productive block) and got an entire day’s worth of work done by noon…with an hour break in between. Then, the rest of the day would be yours to guiltlessly pursue those other activities you so love to do at your desk, such as answering emails, watching Internet videos, giving yourself permission to create, etc. Not to mention the potentials for going on that bike ride, exercising, or taking quality family time.

Now, let’s expand upon this idea even further.

Ah-ha #3  All of us have lots of tasks in our ‘to do’ lists in various states of completion…or which grab chunks of our psychic attention.  What if you were to group your tasks (however you keep track of them) into metaphorical ‘Buckets’ that you can dump out onto your work space in those 2 hour productivity blocks? This is work that you normally would allocate 4 hours to do, but because you’ve organized them into priority buckets, you’re going to get it done faster.

It could be a piece of one large project, or even a number of smaller tasks that group nicely in that bucket based on some organizing principle that you’ve established in advance. Do you think you’d get more done if you were working on similar tasks, rather than jumping all over the place mentally, and on your computer?

Ah-ha #4  A New Way of Framing your Day.

Now imagine what could happen if you transformed your broader Mindset that routinely allows the several hours of real productive things you need to get done in a day to expand into 8 hours or more. With your new Mindset, you are now planning in advance for that ‘Bucket’ time.

Think what this can do for creating that Balance you desire more of in your life. Then, you can have more time to realize more of those Rewarding life experiences from that other Bucket List.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Cheri Merz

    Wow, did I ever need this suggestion! I just this week blogged on one of my social sites that I’m seriously either coming down with Alzheimers or I have WAY too much on my mind. Thanks for passing along this suggestion, Mynders! I’m going to take tomorrow and do this both figuratively and literally with my desk, and see if I can’t get this to-do list knocked down to a reasonable size!

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  2. Mynders

    Cheri, that’s great. This approach really works. It allows you to organize your tasks and your work times in a way that works for you.

    It knocks old school planning on its butt. New technology allows us to be lots more productive.

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