Build a Business Email List in Your Niche Market

One of the first things you must do when you start an online business is to select your niche, or market. The next thing you will want to do is start to build a business email list in that market or niche.

In order to have a powerful and effective list, you must build it the right way from the very start. It’s just too hard to start over, and you’ll end up leaving money on the table if you don’t build your list correctly.

The beauty of niche marketing using your business email list is that you can target emails and offers to appropriate groups and subgroups in your market.

Email Marketing Done Wrong

Imagine yourself as a customer or prospect for a typical online business, that of exercise equipment and fitness programs. You have an interest in walking for fitness, and you opt in to a list to get a free special report on “Walking Your Way to Health.”

You receive the free report, and find that it has valuable information as well as motivation and inspiration. You start to implement the suggestions, and are enjoying the results you are experiencing. You receive an email from the company, and eagerly open it, expecting to read more about walking.

Instead, you see a big promo for an exercise program for creating amazing abs. The next email is about a home gym you can buy on a lay-away plan. And on and on, trying to sell you expensive equipment totally unrelated to your interest – walking for fitness. Chances are, you will quickly unsubscribe from the list, disappointed that you didn’t receive what you thought you would receive.

Targeted Email Marketing Done Right

Now let’s look at another scenario. Imagine that you subscribe to receive the same free report, and start the program with the same enthusiasm.

The next day you receive an email asking if you have looked at the report, and directing your attention to page 5, where it offers tips for getting started on your walking regime. Day 3 brings another email with an additional walking tip included. Day 4 has a link to a video that shows how to do a couple of quick but effective stretches before your walk.

Finally, you receive an email offering you an advanced course on walking and how to incorporate walking into your regular schedule, complete with charting software you can use to keep track of your progress. Since you have had such a great experience with the free special report and the company’s followup, you are much more likely to order the course.

Consider Which Experience You Would Prefer As A Subscriber

What you have just experienced is the difference between typical email marketing (scenario 1) and targeted niche marketing using a business email list (scenario 2). Targeted email marketing provides very focused and relevant email followup and offers to people after they sign up to receive a particular free offer. This is the type of experience you want people to have when they opt in to your lists.

Instead of receiving unrelated and random offers only vaguely related to their interests, give them more of what they signed up for in the first place. Only after you have built a relationship with them do you start to offer other products and services, and they must also be related to your subscribers’ interests.

A business email list, when designed correctly and set up on appropriate email management systems, manages all of this for you automatically. It delivers targeted followup to subscribers and allows you to implement your most effective support and sales strategies for each segment of your market.

After you have one segment (walking, in this case) set up, then you will move to another sub-niche in your broader market and add that to your mix. You will set up a separate business email list for your new segment, with its own email followup and targeted offers. Do this over and over and you will find that you have created a number of business email lists of loyal subscribers and customers, since you are respecting their interests and meeting their needs.

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