CloudBerry Explorer – A Great S3 File Upload Option

You just have to love having an online business! The best things can happen when you least expect it.

Yesterday I posted two alternate ways to upload files to S3, primarily because a lot of you use Ezs3 (as do we), and their java upload is temporarily down, so I wanted to be certain your use of audios and videos wasn’t disrupted as a result.

Please Note: The goal of that post (and this one) is not that you use ALL of these options! Just that you know they exist, and that you find an option that best meets your needs.

Well, Andy from CloudBerryLab commented on my post, and suggested I also look at CloudBerry Explorer, which I must admit (blushing here) that I had confused with a different program designed for a different purpose.

So this morning I went and downloaded the free version of CloudBerry Explorer, tested it, and I love it! In fact, I think it is my new favorite file uploader and manager for my S3 and Ezs3 account.

It is easy to use, like a typical ftp program, but on steroids. You can even explore and copy or move files on your computer, or (pay attention – this is important) between folders on your S3 account, or even between two S3 accounts! Without having to upload them again!

I wish I had known about CloudBerry Explorer when I got started and messed up the folders and the naming. I must have uploaded the same files two or three times – what a waste of time!

You can also rename files right there on the spot (if you have messed up the naming conventions), set the file and folder Read settings, grab the download link, test view the file, and much, much more.

And, it won’t break your pdf files when you upload them!

OK – here’s a quick video showing the basics of how to use it.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

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    I want to start my first site, what blog platform do you use and recommend for me ?

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    1. Mynders

      That’s a slam dunk. is the only way to go from our perspective. (Not the “.com” version which gives control to an external website.)

      You may want to be on next Tuesday’s webinar (4/20) where we show the 7 core technologies (WP is 1 of them).

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