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Launch A Product

icon bar ConsultingDid you know there are SIX launch models you’ve never heard of that now perform better than traditional product launches?

A Product Launch is any campaign to market a product online. It can focus upon the Revenue to be derived…it can center around building a List. Or both! And, it can take many forms…from the “Traditional” Product Launch Formula model which occurs over a 2 week period with many Affiliates aboard to “1 promotion to 1 Affiliate at a time”, and everything in between.

A Launch is appropriate for you if you want to…

  • Market your product or service online
  • Build your prospect List
  • Secure Affiliate partners
  • Create a balanced Lifestyle resulting from consistent Revenue

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What My Clients Say...

"I can't give a higher recommendation."

Mars Burden

Systematize Your Business

icon tree ConsultingDiscover how to monitor all your Projects from a central Dashboard and install the Structure that will create greater Leverage, higher Revenues, and reduced Stress in your Business!

As a result of 35 years of strategic planning and systems consulting (and as an entrepreneur with 9 personal business startups), I have developed a Model, the ‘Business Accelerator GPS’, designed to install rapid, profit-enabling structure to businesses.

These processes help business owners aim higher by identifying what is most compelling in their business and create the structure to achieve them. Plus, you’ll be in command of all your potentials from one central Dashboard.

You’ll want to discover how you can benefit from my unique approaches to take your most compelling project with high profit potential and gain complete clarity on how to execute it, complete with a timeline, identified Team Members, and all the action steps required.

What My Clients Say...

"He helps you to feel in control of the whole process."

Jurgen Wolff
JurgenWolff Consulting