Teach Someone To Fish and They’ll Eat Forever II Handling Cover Graphics

As you might suspect…living in Colorado and loving to flyfish…I’m fond of the fishing metaphors. But, more importantly, I love the opportunity to help other marketers put into plce today a tool that can benefit them for years to come.

One of the biggest challenges people face today is getting distracted when the project they are working on has too many new elements to learn. The wall of resistance comes up, resulting in procrastination…or moving onto the next project.

One of these areas is creating the graphics for reports or product you are promoting.

  • You might have resistance to outsourcing due to unreliability of vendors 
  • Spending money for ecover designs for every report or ebook might create resistance.

But…Have You Ever Noticed… 

…that the reports you download and the  online products you tend to purchase have great looking graphics?

Your report or product could be the best in your niche…with great copy and all the right promotion ingredients…but
without good visual representation, you just won’t get the sales you want.

Create Your Ecovers Easily Forever

With all the collateral material required for an effective promotion (free report cover, product box cover, CD and book covers, etc.), Deb and I have spent hundreds of dollars getting covers made…for just one product.

Now, we no longer need to do that, and neither do you. No more hiring a graphic designer every time you put out a new report or promote someone else’s affiliate product.

Ec 125X125 Teach Someone To Fish and Theyll Eat Forever II Handling Cover Graphics

Here’s What Comes With This Amazing Software

  • Simple Ready To Use Software Specifically Designed To Create eCovers – Installs in less than a minute!
  • Graphic Design Library – 10 packages included. Just add your text and you are done!
  • Easy To Read Comprehensive User Manual
  • Unlimited eCover Creation – Make as few or as many eCovers without paying any other fees!
  • Step by step instructions on how to add your own graphics and logos to your own ecovers.
  • Collection of 346 High Quality Templates

If you’d like to save time in getting your products out the door, you must check out ecover design software.

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