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liveyoutubelink Create Clickable Links for YouTubeAre you using videos to promote your site and build your list? If you aren’t, you really should be.

And when you post a video on YouTube, Viddler or other video hosting site, you’ll want to include live, clickable links to your blog, website or product offering whenever you can do so.

The idea is to make it very easy for the person viewing your informative and engaging video to visit the site you are promoting. You might be inviting people to visit your blog, a page with additional information about a product or service you are offering, or a landing or squeeze page.

If the viewer has to copy and paste your URL into a browser window, then you have added an extra step to the process and reduced the number of people who will actually visit the web page you are suggesting.

Make It Easy to Visit Your Links

For videos you are hosting on YouTube, here are three quick and easy things you should do.

  1. Change your Channel from the default (YouTuber) to any of the other options (such as Director, Guru, Musician, etc.) so you can include live links.
    • To do this, log in to your YouTube account and click on ‘Account.’
    • Then click on ‘Edit Channel’ under the ‘more’ link.
    • Click the ‘change channel type’ text link after “Channel Type” — this likely says ‘YouTuber’ if you haven’t changed it yet.
    • Select any of the other channel type options, looking for the description that best describes the videos you upload.
    • Then click ‘Update Channel’ to save your new channel setting.
  2. In the video description, enter the URL using the http:// and not just www.
  3. Put the URL of the site you want your video viewers to visit as the FIRST text in your video description. You can also put the live link in again later in the description, or add a second live link, but it’s likely that some of your description will be cut off in regular views, and many people won’t click the text link to expand your video’s description. Make it easy – put the link first. That way it will always show up when someone watches your video.

For Viddler, it’s even easier!

You don’t need to change your ‘channel’ or edit your account to show live links. All you have to do is enter the link with either http:// or www. or http://www. and then your URL. It is automatically made into a clickable link.

Here’s a quick 8 minute video showing you how to do this on YouTube.

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