A Critical Early Step in Building Your Business!

golden goose 150x150 A Critical Early Step in Building Your Business!What is the first thing most peoiple should attend to when starting their online business? Is it to…

a. Get your blog up and start writing posts.
b. Setup your Twitter and Facebook accounts and start making connections?
c. Pinpoint the easiest way for you to start making a little money each month and take action on that.
d. Create an optin page with an Autoresponder and start to build your List.

Whereas all the above actions are good early steps for your business, the best answer is “C”. Here’s why.

For most people, it will take time to reach critical mass with their online business…often longer than you expect. This may surprise you…especially as you see sales pages  promising quick results and you notice tools for handling the technology that are more streamlined than ever before.

But the balancing factor to this bright shiny object is that more people than ever before are marketing online and buyers are more discerning before they hit the order button.

I mention this not to discourage you, but rather to encourage you to never, ever give up. You will succeed, at your pace, if you do not succumb to judging yourself  in relation to the progress of others.

Avoid the ‘Gotchas’

Don’t let theses subtle action cripplers sneak up on you:

  • “I’ve run out of cash…I can’t continue!”
  • “I can’t make money at this. I need to jump to the next money making opportunity.”
  • “I’ve worked too long at this with little results. I’m getting discouraged.”

What you must do is achieve financial success early. This is not only important to pay the bills, but also to provide yourself with a feedback loop that you can, indeed, be successful.

So, what do you do? You’re the best one to answer that question for yourself. For some, it’s finding a physical product you have in your garage or that you can get at a discount…and sell it on Ebay. For others, it’s identifying a product in your niche that someone else has created and promoting it as an Affiliate.

The point is find what’s appropriate for you. If you do, then you’ve created staying power for yourself.

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