How Do You Drive Traffic to One Optin Page?

Yesterday we shared a video in which Mynders described some powerful ways you can drive traffic to a single optin page through your own efforts alone.

Ideas he shared included:

  • Writing articles and getting them submitted to major high-traffic article directories, such as EzineArticles
  • Tweeting on Twitter to get people’s interest and get them to visit your optin page (remember not to promote too hard on social networks – be friendly, get to know people, and offer them something they will like in return for their opting in)
  • Posting to your Facebook profile, creating events and having conversations
  • Use your Facebook Fan Page – this is where Facebook wants you to do business, and they have provided a number of truly powerful ways to market your product, service or business. If you don’t have at least one Fan Page, you’ll want to create one right away.
  • Paid advertising methods, such as Adwords, and the equivalent in Bing and Yahoo

These are only a few of the ways you can drive traffic on your own.

Give Us Your Comments

Add to our readers’ collective knowledge by sharing (in the “Comments” section) some other ways you drive traffic to Optin Pages via your own efforts. It’ll only take a minute. Remember to Retweet, please.

Next Video (More Leverage)

By yourself, you can only do so much. That’s why our next video is going to explore ways you can enlist the help of others to drive traffic to your optin pages.

Getting others involved will build your list much faster, and that’s what you want!

Check back tomorrow for Part 2: Using the Help of Others to Drive Traffic to One Optin Page… see you there!

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  1. Mynders

    Obviously, we only touched on the major ways to drive traffic to your landing pages from your own efforts. We’d love to hear from you other ways, as well as your experience in the methods we summarized.

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