Dual Monitors at your Office and on the Road

Years ago, I decided to make my laptop my primary computer, so I wouldn’t have to transfer files when I traveled. I picked up an external monitor to compensate, but it wasn’t until I put ‘dual monitors’ into place that I truly realized what I was missing.

I gained the ability to work from one document on the left while I created content on the right, have multiple files open, etc.

Dual Monitors when you Travel?

And then, I found a way to do the same thing while on the road. Let me show you in this short, 4.5 minute video.

Curious about the APP?

Now that you’ve seen the video, I know you’re curious about the ‘app’ that lets you use your Ipad as an external monitor. It’s called “Air Display” and you can download it for about $10.

Don’t have an Ipad? There’s tablets for you, too. Just go search online for ‘external tablet monitor for a laptop’.

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  1. Susan Winlaw

    Great starting demo and the wheels are turning on how I’d use it.
    I do love the idea and maybe one day when I’m doing webinars, I’ll be able to use this. Might just download the app to check it out. Is there anything else I need to have between my MacBook and the iPad ?

    Keep up the great work and I’d like to see a followup video on you ACTUALLY working to move one screen onto the iPad from the laptop. I use 2 computers side by side to be more productive, but have not done a stand alone monitor to expand the desktop area. S>

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  2. Jack Parry

    I can’t live without my 2 monitors. Your on-the-road idea is a great one.

    Another good reason to use when doing a webinar (or for that matter, recording a webinar using Camtasia) is that you get the full screen instead of worrying about the taskbar and you don’t have to worry about the embarrassing problem of unexpected pop-ups!

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  3. Rachel Neumann

    Thanks Mynders! I love the speakeasy app! It makes it so easy to catch those ideas on the fly before I lose them. I love your stuff – need to spend more time here. Looking forward to your next great offering.

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  4. Lauren McMullen

    Wow Mynders you always have an exciting new tip for me! What a brilliant idea! I need to go and get Air Display ASAP Thanks so much for sharing

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  5. Mynders Glover

    1) Nothing else needed between your computer and your Ipad…Air Display does it all. Works on your Ipad..with either portable PC or Mac.

    2) To move things between screens, simply use your mouse. Grab a corner and drag to the other monitor. I highly suggest an external mouse rather than the keypad.

    Good thought about eliminating the worry of popups during a webinar. You broadcast full screen, and have your controls on the ‘non-live’ monitor.

    Rachel and Laurem..thanks.


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