Duplicate Your Efforts for Maximum List-Building Results

Are you old enough to remember the commercial that advised you to ‘lather, rinse and repeat’ when you used their shampoo? Even if you didn’t see those commercials live, I’ll bet you have heard of them.

Are you asking what the heck shampoo commercials have to do with your list-building efforts?

Glad you asked…

Congratulations! You have now reached the ‘lather, rinse and repeat’ phase of driving traffic to your opt-in page.

There is really nothing more to learn or figure out at this stage. Will there be new things to learn and implement in the future? Absolutely, and all in good time.

But for now, you just want to do the same thing over and over at least a few times, and watch your list and your online business grow.

Your next step is to wrap all of these up into a duplicate-able system that will allow you to do this quickly and easily, for each new product or service you decide to offer.

As you might guess, Mynders has a few words he’d like to share about that, as he is definitely the systems and automation guy within Business Building Shortcuts.

But first, be with us Live to see how it all comes together on Tuesday’s Webinar.                  Remember to register for the  Tuesday 4-20  Webinar on the 7 Technology Steps to Build An Online Business

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