Easy (eZ) Way to Add Video to Your Webpages or Blog

If you aren’t using videos on your opt-in pages because it was just too difficult to get them to work, have we got something to show you!

Using videos is an awesome way to really get your point across. We use Camtasia a lot to create videos of our computer screen to show you how to do things online.

We’ve been uploading these to our website, or for our public videos, hosting them on YouTube, and then playing them from our blogs or webpages.

While there are lots of reasons to have your videos hosted on public sites like YouTube, there are times when you want them to be more private. Just for people who visit your blog or website.

Then you’ll want to host them privately.

Putting Video on Your Site Could Be This Fast and Easy!

In our post about using Amazon S3 and eZs3 for audios we talked about why we switched to Amazon and eZs3. You can check that post for more details – we won’t add them to this one, too.

We just wanted to show you how we use eZs3 to quickly and easily get a video to play from your blog.

If you like what you see, we invite you to use our affiliate link when you subscribe to eZs3.


PS. After uploading this video to Amazon S3 using eZs3, it took me 73 seconds to create the player and embed it into this blog post. Cool, huh?

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  1. Bruce

    What if you want to use video created with a flip video and not online images.

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    1. Deb

      Most flip videos come with ease of embedding them into your site. You can also create the video file from the flip and upload it to AmazonS3 and stream it from there. It might vary based upon the type of flip and the format in which you save the clip, but I’m finding that there isn’t much that AmazonS3 and eZs3 can’t handle! I love easy, that’s for sure!

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