Efficient Management of your Time-Part 2

Personally, I am a creature of habit. I seem to work better when I have a system to follow. All of my life, I’ve been testing, by trial and error, different ways to work more efficiently.

Here are a couple more I want to share with you.

Vary your Work Environment

Deb and I seem to have become masters of the mobile office. Back in our RV-ing days (pre-internet), when we wanted to send a fax on the road, we traveled with a portable phone coupler (to attach to a pay phone), a fax machine, an inverter, and a DC adapter that we could hookup to our truck battery. Now, we do everything via laptop computers that we can take with us.

These days, sometimes I find that there are certain types of work for which my home office is just not conducive…such as a big research project, contemplating an important financial move, and such. These are the things that I often procrastinate on because it seems so cumbersome to do them.

However, I find when I change my surroundings, I can create an environment where I can actually get excited about that which I have been avoiding. This might be the local library or a coffee shop/internet cafe. The net effect is that I am creating a comfortable environment in which to put forth a focused block of time toward an important task…all contributing to a feeling of well-being.

Match Tasks with your Productivity Patterns

Do you find that you work most effectively if you stay focused on one task at a time? But what about those emails that need to be answered, websites you want to check out, that essential reading you need to do? I group these tasks into several categories which I handle in focused segments of time throughout the week.

For example, I handle emails in short blocks, 2 times/day. I return calls twice/day. I group my catchup reading time and website reviews into the early evening, because this is the time when I let myself relax after a productive day. Being a morning person, this works for me; whereas, you may be a night person and setup a different routine.


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