Email Marketing: Spend Your Time and Money Wisely

emailpilesm Email Marketing: Spend Your Time and Money WiselyAre you in the market for an efficient, affordable, automated and highly effective system that you can integrate into your online business to manage your list-building efforts?

Maybe you have researched the vast number of products and services available to allow you to build a list of prospects and customers. The options are pretty mind-boggling! Especially if you are pretty new to online marketing, and are just struggling to get your business up and running online.

There is much more to list management and email marketing than you might think. With the rules about spam and the ever-more-difficult deliverability of email messages, you need to make even smarter choices about the programs or services you choose as the foundation for your online business.

Make No Mistake: Your List IS Your Business and You’d Better Treat It Right!

It can be tempting to try to build a business on a shoestring, using free blogging platforms and the cheapest email management system available. And some people even go so far as to build their entire business on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

While this can be fun, and right now it’s a free option, it can also lead to the early death of your business and a harsh end to all of your hard work.

Why? Because these services can cancel your account in a heartbeat. The result? One day you have a business, and the next day you don’t. You may have had thousands of friends and followers, but if you can’t contact them on your terms, they are not really a basis on which to build a business.

As soon as you can, get your social networking friends to opt in to your list. Then you have the beginnings of a legitimate business.

No List = No Business

It’s not enough to have a list of names in your email box, either. If you are sending email out to your subscribers using your regular email client, like Outlook or some other program on your computer, chances are a great many are not getting delivered.

And if your prospects don’t get your email, they can’t buy from you.

There are list-management options out there that cost little and deliver even less. And there are options that are quite expensive, costing several hundred dollars a month or more, that offer bells and whistles that you don’t need when you are just getting started, and you won’t want to pay for.

You’ll want to select an email management option that does what you need and costs what you can afford. Choose a system that manages everything for you, automatically. And if it can grow with your business, integrating product sales, affiliates, and the like as you need them, then you have a system you can count on to be there when you need it.

We use a system that grows with us, and allows us to manage pretty much our whole business automatically. For your free 30 day trial, go to:

When you learn the true power of using an automated list-building and management tool that goes beyond just sending out occasional emails, you will see why so many successful online business owners say ‘Your List is King.’

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