Email Your List Regularly

Do you have a list of people who have raised their hands (by opting in) to receive information from you?

If so, congratulations!

There are still all too many people trying to do business online who aren’t collecting names and emails from visitors to their blog or website.

And an even higher number collect names, but then they seldom (or never) contact their subscribers!

How Often Should You Mail Your List?

I wish there were an easy answer to this one. I know you’d like a concrete number. Something like ‘email them every day’…or ‘three times a week.’ But there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation.

The answer is, “It depends.”

Kind of a bummer, isn’t it? But true, nonetheless.

It depends upon your niche or market and what people in that market have been trained to expect. It depends upon your history of emailing. It depends whether you offer your subscribers any reason to read your email!

Usually, more frequent emails in the beginning of your relationship with your subscriber is a good idea. Then you can slow down a bit. You’ll just have to try different email frequencies, content, offers and see what works best.

More frequent email has a number of benefits. It will let your reader get to know you better, increase their trust in you, and produce more sales for your business.

A somewhat less expected benefit is that if you email your list regularly, your readers are less likely to report your email as spam.

At first this might seem a bit strange, but after some reflection, it makes sense. People tend to subscribe to more than one person’s information in a market when they have an interest in the material.

If they opt in to your list but they don’t hear from you right away (and then get emails again and again on a regular basis), they are more likely to see your lone email and ask themselves “Huh? Who the heck is this from, and why are they emailing me?”

Their response? Often it’s delete, unsubscribe, and report as spam.

So when someone opts in to your list, email them right away! Give them some reason to read your email (great content, targeted offers, entertainment, information, etc.).

And then email them again and again, on a regular basis. And to make it easy, automate the process and use an autoresponder. That way everyone who opts in will receive your preplanned email sequence in the schedule you have determined works best for your market.

Will some people unsubscribe? Absolutely. Maybe even complain? Yup.

But that’s OK.

List-building is less about the quantity of your list than about the quality of your list. The match between their interests, style, needs and desires…and you and your products and services. A smaller list of people who are a great match will out-earn a large list of people who really aren’t looking for what you offer but somehow ended up on your list.

So get going and write some emails to your list. Give great content. And give your subscribers offers of products and services that will provide huge benefit to them, solve their problems, and help them accomplish their goals (your products, or those of other people).

It’s win-win.

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