EZS3 Goes Above and Beyond in Customer Service

ezs3 EZS3 Goes Above and Beyond in Customer ServiceHave you ever had one of those days when it seems that events are conspiring against you? Well, this morning was one for me.

I got up, showered, grabbed my coffee and headed on down to my computer. (hey, doesn’t everyone start their day like that?)

Account Expired…

I logged in to EZS3 only to find that my account had expired! What????

Now, if you know us at all, you know that videos are a HUGE part of our business. We market with videos, our courses are almost all step-by-step, how to videos. And we even teach others how to make and use videos in their online businesses. So a problem with our video storage and serving system is a big, big problem.

The first thing I checked was all of our videos that run through EZS3 (that would be pretty much all of them in our paid courses) and they were fine.

We called EZS3 in England and left a message, and got an almost immediate email from them. After trying to renew online but having the charge rejected again (turns out that was operator error with the expiration date – could this get any more embarrassing?), I emailed EZS3 for help. Again.

About 20 minutes after that email, my phone rang.

Hi. It’s Tom from England…

Yep. Tom was calling me from England to help get this straightened out. Personally.

We got it all fixed while he was on the phone (account restored. Whew!).

But I still didn’t know what had happened to cause the rejected billing, so I called the credit card company again.

After doing some investigation, we discovered that the initial billing hadn’t gone through because a fraud algorithm had been triggered for ‘suspected lost card,’ but as a result, only one charge had been denied – the one from EZS3 in England.

We dug further, and found out that the bill from EZS3 wasn’t even the problem. The fraud algorithm had been triggered due to ‘surrounding activity’ – a small charge from Microsoft AdCenter that was billed to the same credit card at 1 AM that day! Seriously.

The good news is that our credit card companies are watching our backs (even if they sometimes take action without checking with us first).

The Power of Awesome Customer Service

The better news is that there are companies out there – like EZS3 – doing business with integrity and world-class customer service.

We have been using and recommending EZS3 for a while now, because we love the ease of use and amazing players they provide for our videos that are hosted on Amazon S3. After my experience today, my recommendation has gotten even stronger.

If you use online video in any way (and especially if you use video in your business), and want to do business with a company that provides an amazing value and over-the-top customer service, then here is our affiliate link for EZS3.

EZS3 Is The Best! Click Here to Check Them Out!

We know you will love them as much as we do!


PS. Watch our blog and emails for a special video-related announcement coming up soon. Do we have a great deal for you!!!!

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  1. Ellene Breedlove Davis


    I’m so glad you were able to restore your service. I enjoy your video’s very much!

    To your continued success.


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  2. Deb

    Thanks! The really cool thing about EZS3 is that even though the payment hadn’t gone through for them, they still kept our videos live. So our viewers didn’t see anything different – no dead videos or anything. Yet another great example of customer service.


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