Facebook As a Personal Growth Tool – “You Have 4 Friends”

Buckminster Fuller wrote “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” I have also read that “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”

So what does any of this have to do with Facebook in particular, and social networking in general?

Well, in my life I have tended to be what I like to call passive social. I usually have just a few really good friends. I love joining in on an activity, but I need to be invited (I would never be our social director, as Mynders will attest to). I am perfectly happy sitting in a comfy chair reading a good book or researching on the internet for loooong periods of time.

So when I logged onto my Facebook account in November of 2008, I was greeted with the message, ‘You Have 4 Friends.’

Wow! Four friends.


Seems my approach to social networking was also passive social!

So it was decision time. I could approach this whole Web 2.0 phenomenon as I always have, or I could decide to change my behavior. So I took the plunge and got more active on Facebook. I looked for people who share similar interests and invited them to be friends. I accepted friend requests. Entered into conversations. Joined some groups, and actually participated in them!

And I find that as of today have approximately 4,000 friends on Facebook. Some are friends I know face to face. Some are long-lost friends that have been found again. And many are new friends I know from their photos, their pages and our chats.

I have chatted online with a new friend from Cairo, a city I have visited and loved. New friends have answered business questions I have raised. And I have been able to share some of what I have learned with others.

So now a part of every day is spent on Facebook. Most times when I log in these days, someone has commented or written something on my wall that brings a smile to my face and puts a song in my heart.

Now it seems that I have the opposite problem. I have to consciously limit the amount of time I spend each day on Facebook, so that I can get other things done in my business. But I am reassured that my friends will be there the next time I log on.

And I thank you all for that!

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Carol Giambri

    You and Mynders have brought many smiles to my face and surely to tons of others. You share unconditionally. Sometimes we don’t always see the gifts in front of us, but now my eyes are opening wider as I am reviewing tons of wealth you unconditionally shared.

    Anyone wanting great classes and fabulous teachers I can say I have experienced them first hand and you will be overjoyed with truth. They are the real gifts to this world. Their voice is so calming you may even get a little “relaxation” moments woven in, but great is a mild word when you experience first hand what they deliver. They won’t put you to sleep, but help calm you down through computer technology. They also care. They become your friend through their classes.

    I have been honored to be one of their students–not on the honor roll, but striving to reach up that high. They are wealth in many areas to all. I can speak for myself–I have experienced their gifting to the max. They never tire of questions either. They care about each person’s successes. I am just now building my business and I know what they have to return back “home” here as a student. They have affiliate programs so look to them first if you want to support their team. Sometimes they don’t “brag” enough and can be overlooked.

    But, truthfully you will never tire of their teachings and they are always learning more and more from the gurus out there so you can jump start your learning curve right from your own computer with their invested time in travel to events or in classes online to deliver it to you. They are GREAT teachers as well. Never speak above your learning curve, but to it. They are true GIFTS!

    I am an UNPAID advertisement because I have experienced first hand greats! I didn’t want to keep them a secret so now you know!

    Carol Giambri
    my website is coming soon….named above…

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    1. Deb

      Thanks Carol! Your kind words have absolutely made our weekend. We appreciate you as well.

      Deb & Mynders

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