Facebook Events: Use Friend Lists for Targeted Event Marketing

Do you use Facebook to market your events and let people know what’s new in your business? If not, you are missing a huge opportunity.

But you will want to be sure not to spam people with your event marketing! Sending out Event Notices to Facebook friends who have no interest in the subject is a sure way to reduce your friends…and maybe even get a few complaints.

Fortunately, Facebook has a wonderful system that allows you to indicate interests that your friends may have. It’s the Friend Lists (see previous post about how to set these up).

Use Friend Lists for Targeted, Efficient Event Marketing

Facebook allows you to invite your friends to events 100 people at a time. Typically, this means clicking on 100 names, and then creating the invitation. Then clicking on the next 100 names and inviting them. Then another 100 names, and so on.

If you have a few thousand friends, this can take hours!

However, if you have created Friend Lists of 100 people or fewer (see previous post: http://www.businessbuildingshortcuts.com/2009/02/facebook-friend-lists-target-your-fb-marketing-efforts/), then you can cut your time drastically! You can simply click on the name of a Friend List, and all of the friends in that list will be added to your event invitation list (up to 100 friends).

Now, instead of clicking 100 individual names, just one click of a Friend List accomplishes the same thing. Then one more click on ‘Send Invitations’ and that whole group of friends is invited!

And Facebook goes one step further – if you have friends assigned to more than one group, they won’t send invitations to each friend more than once. They monitor that behind the scenes, and only bring up the names of friends who have not yet received an invitation.

To see this event invitation shortcut in action, here’s a video showing how we used this to get the word out about our Money on Demand teleseminar series.

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  1. Stephen

    I’ve been following this advice. But not all my friend lists appear when I want to invite friends. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  2. Deb

    Hi Stephen,
    I’m really not sure why all of your friends list aren’t showing up. Facebook is notorious for making changes in their interface and TOS, so they may have changed something in the interface. You might try a couple of things, though, in case it’s computer-related. Try a different browser, or clear your cache/browsing history on your browser, and see if the missing lists show up. Sometimes this can work magic!

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  3. amy

    I’m having the same issue. …It only shows 7 of my lists…of course the 2 lists I really want to invite to my event are not showing up. tried clearing cookies, not working. :-(

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  4. ageor

    Same problem. Only 12 Lists appear, no scrolldown :(

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  5. Jessica

    I’m also having a similar problem. I sent in a report to Facebook but not sure if I’ll get a response back. If I do I’ll inform you all!

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