What Your Facebook Fan Page Can Do For You

266099 150x150 What Your Facebook Fan Page Can Do For YouFan Pages…also known as Business Pages…can  be a sleeping giant for your online marketing.

There are at least 6 broad things that your Fan Page can accomplish for you.

1. Traffic generation
New content posted onto your fan page is seen not only by your fans, but also by all of their Facebook friends if they comment on your content. And, Fan pages get indexed by Google, therefore it’s a great way to drive organic traffic to your fan page. Of course, not everyone will join your List, but  repeated exposure in this way will build your Brand…and quite likely lead in the future to someone visiting your optin pages.

2. List building
On a fan page, you can create custom HTML pages which have an optin box directly to your List. Additionally, you can provide links directly to your optin pages within your content. This translates into the fact that this social network becomes another valuable source of new members of your community.

3. Selling your products and services
As mentioned, you can create HTML pages on your business page. This can result in a mini duplicate of your existing sales pages for your products. Additionally, you can have banners on your page and of course, links to sales pages within any posts that direct your prospects to your actual Sales page…on or off the fan page.

4. A venue for your Announcements
This is a great place to announce any upcoming teleseminars, live events you’ll be attending, course debuts, etc. for your broader social networking contacts to see.

5. Adding content and value for your customers.
Raising the bar for free content. This has been a hot topic for the past two years. The more content you publish on this page or provide links to where it lives, the more of a community you’ll build.

6. Building your Community and strengthening relationships.
All of this adds up to a place where your social community can interract with you and each other…bound together by the common theme of your page.

Stay tuned over the next few days as we show you ways to implement this valuable tool into your business.

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  1. Peggy Rosenberg

    As always, clear, concise, and meaningful content! Thanks for all that you do to educate us.

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  2. Yvonne A Jones

    Thanks for outlining this so clearly. Just having the value of this “sleeping giant” outlined in black and white makes me wonder why I’ve not moved forward in creating a Fan Page. Thanks for the clear explanation on why it’s an important aspect of online marketing, Mynders.

    All the best in Las Vegas, Deb.

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  3. Mynders

    Peggy and Yvonne, thanks for your comments. Getting feedback like yours helps us know what are valuable directions for you.

    And, we are getting excited about the Big Seminar which begins tomorrow. Deb is busy polishing our 4 minute presentation.

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