Facebook Friend Lists: Target Your FB Marketing Efforts

In addition to being a way to connect with your friends and family, Facebook is a powerful tool to use in your business marketing. You can create your own group, join other groups in your niche, and you can invite your Facebook friends to events that you host.

When you first join Facebook, you won’t have any FB friends. To make a friend in Facebook, you and your friend must both agree that you want to be friends. This means you have to find people with whom you want to become friends, and invite them to be your friend. Or agree when someone invites you to be their friend.

A great way to find new friends is to join groups on Facebook that are in areas that interest you. People who use Facebook in their businesses join business-related groups.

Then they invite members of those groups to become their friends. But you don’t want to mix everyone together in one huge Facebook friend cluster!

You will want to set up Friend Lists in Facebook when you invite people to be your friend, as well as when you accept a friend request. These Friend Lists allow you to remember where you met each friend, and what you have in common with them.

You can have friend lists for your personal friends and family, as well as for your hobbies and for your business-related markets.

When I set up my business or hobby-related friend lists, I do so by indicating the Facebook group in which we both are members. Or I’ll identify a friend list with a common interest (like hiking or traveling). Then when I have an event I want to share with people, I can easily post it only to those people who are likely to want to receive the information.

You’ll want to limit each friend list to 100 people or fewer (you can have up to 100 friend lists in Facebook). If you have more than 100 friends in a group, simply create a new friend list with the same name #2 (such as Traveling 2), and add friends 101 to 199 to that list. This way you can invite people to events using your friend lists (see next post).

Here’s a short video on setting up Friend Lists in Facebook.

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  1. Kathleen Gage

    Great video explaining in simple terms how to optimize Facebook friends. Wow! This is a must see for anyone using Facebook.

    Kathleen Gage
    The Street Smarts Marketer

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  2. TRCB

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. Great video and great learning.

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  3. Larry

    Hey Deb,

    Thanks for answering a question I just ran into this week. Great timing!

    All the best,


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  4. Rob Metras

    Excellent step by step video Deb on Facebook. Look forward to more great content

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  5. Deb LaQua

    Thanks for the nice comments! We were pretty jazzed when we discovered this sweet little trick – and we’re glad you find it helpful.

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  6. Roz Trieber

    This video was an excellent instruction; very clear and practical.
    Thank you. I will follow your suggestions to hear and see your other instruction videos.


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    1. Deb

      I know that as I write this, FB is looking at at least two different ‘Terms’ agreements, so this response may already be inaccurate!

      I haven’t sent out an event invitation in a couple of weeks, but when I last did so, I could invite up to 100 friends at a time (or all members of a Friend List that had 100 or fewer friends on the list) to an event.

      It may be that if you are messaging friends (not sending Event Invitations) that you are restricted to 20 at a time.


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  7. gwen fox

    Ok guys…..I am very new at social networking…. I have a question.
    How do you set up a group in facebook and how do you find what other groups exist? I have watched some of your videos and you two are GREAT.

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  8. gwen fox

    Oh my gosh…..the picture actually came up ! That must mean I can have some chocolate. Your video is the reason I was able to do that…..thanks .

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  9. Andrea Harriott

    I really really appreciate your business building shortcuts
    Very timely, very easy to understand, very, very useful
    Thanks so much for sharing

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  10. Andrea Harriott

    Is it a ‘new’ rule that you cannot message a list with more than 20 friends??

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  11. Lin

    I would like to speak to somone about doing a facebook campaign for me and our business,

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  12. Deb

    Hi Gwen! It’s great to see you (literally and figuratively) here on our blog! Glad the instructions worked.

    And of course you can have some chocolate (we’re dark chocolate fans here in our house). We must reward ourselves for our achievements!

    As for Facebook groups; FB can be a bit overwhelming at times – it offers so much! Rather than list the steps, maybe I should do another video???

    I must admit to having almost too much fun with Camtasia and my flip video camera; and we just got a new webcam, so I know what I’ll be learning more about this weekend!

    Watch this blog for more video fun! And thanks so much for commenting — it really means a lot.

    And now that you mention chocolate… ;-D


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  13. Deb

    For Facebook Groups, you need to make sure the ‘Groups’ application is added to your account. You can see this at the bottom of your Home page or in the right sidebar in the Applications list. The ‘Groups’ icon is the two blue heads (and on the right, it also says Groups).

    To search for a group, simply click the ‘Groups’ text link or icon.You will be taken to your Groups page. Facebook will make group suggestions for you, such as groups recently joined by your friends.

    (Edited 3/14/09 – FB has changed their home page look and the groups link has disappeared from the right sidebar. You can now access your groups from the bottom of your FB pages in the applications section – the two blue heads.)

    To search for groups that focus on a particular topic or interest, put a word or phrase into the ‘Search for Groups’ text box at the top of the page, and hit your enter key to submit your search. You will be taken to a page with groups that Facebook thinks are about that topic (although some are clearly not). Scroll through them to see if any of the groups interest you.

    If you find one you might like to join, click on the name of the group to see more information about it.

    You can join a group by clicking on the ‘Join Group’ text link on the search results page, or by clicking ‘Join this Group’ text link on the right side of the actual group’s home page.

    When you click either ‘Join’ text link, you are then asked if you want to ‘Add group membership?’ to this group. To join, click ‘Join.’

    You have now joined that group. When you go to your Home Page and click on Groups, you should now see that group in your list of groups (you may have to click the text link ‘Show all my groups’ to see them all.)

    To leave a group, you go to that group’s home page and in the right sidebar, you will see text saying ‘Leave Group’ — when you click that, you will see a popup that asks ‘Remove group membership?’ and to leave, click ‘Remove.’

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