6 Reasons to Fan Your Listbuilding II Take Facebook to The Next Level

fanpage 150x150 6 Reasons to Fan Your Listbuilding II Take Facebook to The Next LevelYou’re familiar with Facebook Fan Pages…and maybe even have one…but are you fully utilizing its power?

Fan pages originally were offered by Facebook as a place where its Members could promote their business messages, given that facebook profile pages are intended to be personal in nature. The idea is that your prospect has to make a conscious decision to join your page…to give you permission to give them business information.

What has evolved is that Fan Pages have become a very effective promotion and listbuilding tool. Here are some of the reasons…

  1. You can post 3x/day and it’s OK from the perspectives of both Facebook and your prospect. It’s acceptable behavior in the social networking setting. Try sending 3 emails a day to your List and see what happens.
  2. Your Fan Page and the content you post is  referenced by Google. This means that your content on your fan page can be picked up in a Keyword search.
  3. You can link to your content on your Fan Page from anywhere…not just within Facebook. So, you can send someone from an Ezine Article you write directly to content on your fan page…even if they don’t have a Facebook account.
  4. Your Fan Page can become the primary location for someone to get familiar with all your content…thus enticing them to join your List or purchase from you.your content. This is because you can import your blog content, Youtube videos, create HTML pages and banners for your optin and sales pages, etc.
  5. Your Fan Page is a great place to build a Community of people who are not yet on your List. If you have good content, you become an Authority.
  6. And, because of the Viral nature of facebook, when other people reply to your posts on your page, then the feed goes out to their facebook Friends as well. This can lead to more “Fans” and joiners of your List.

Demystifying Fan Pages

Isn’t it time to take your Social Networking to the next level? We’ve put together a 12 video course (2 hour running time) that can show you or your Assistant how to get your Fan Page up and running with all the bells and whistles..in a flash.

For the cost of 1 hour of a Web person’s time, and two hours of your own time, you’ll have everything in place. More importantly, you’ll be in control…and able to adjust your Fan Page as your marketing needs dictate.

The videos are presented in the sequence to create your pages from scratch. If you have a particular application you want to work with, you can simply skip to that video.

Normally priced at $77, you can get instant access to “Demystifying Fan Pages” for $47…to 12 short “how to” videos showing you exactly how to do the following:

* Learn how to use Fan Pages to create a strong integrated Brand.
* Get on the inside of a fully functioning Fan Page.
* Setting up and customizing Tabs.
* Creating a Marketing Event to go out to all your Friends and Fans.
* Adding External Applications. * Using the “Extended Info” Application.
* Setting up the Twitter Application. * Importing Your WordPress Blog and YouTube Channel.
* Working with HTML Boxes to add your custom Optins, Sales Pages, and other web content.
* Adding Fans. …and Much More!

Get The Whole Course For $47…
Through midnight Wed., 6/23/10.

That’s a $30 savings from the normal price of $77.

Grab Demystifying Fan Pages now. Be sure to Use coupon code “30dollarsoff” to get the discounted rate.


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