Fast Creation of Your ’100 Videos’ Strategy Videos

One of the most powerful traffic-generation, list-building strategies we’ve seen in a long, long time is Don Crowther’s ’100 Videos Strategy.’

Until he released this strategy in a free video recently, this information was offered only to his special group of insiders. If you haven’t watched Don’s video yet, go do it now, since it will be coming down on July 6th, 2011. (If it’s already down when you read this post, we apologize, but you can still use the info in our ‘how to’ video below when you create your videos.)

Click Here to Watch Don’s ’100 Videos Strategy’ Video

This strategy combines the awesome power of video with your blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and a free membership site you will create. Instead of using each social networking site independently, the idea is to generate exponential results by how you weave your content across these sites.

Using this strategy, you can become known in your market (think: authority), build your list, and sell products and services.

As a part of this strategy, you need to create some high value tips videos… 100 of them (of course, you can do this strategy with fewer videos than 100). But it can seem a bit daunting when you think of actually creating those videos! So, we want to help you implement this in your business easily.

Here’s a short video showing how we streamlined the creation of our video tips videos, and kept track of them!

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  1. Patricia Weber

    THIS is terrific Deb! I love how organized it makes it all. Thanks so much for sharing both the strategy and a quick review of the process.

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