Laser Focus Your Email Based Marketing with Autoresponders

emailpic1 150x150 Laser Focus Your Email Based Marketing with AutorespondersAs Deb and I coach online marketers on aspects of setting up the technology pieces to run their business, we are    continually amazed at how many marketers don’t utilize an Autoresponder System to automate their email messages.

Gone are the days of writing emails one at a time, while trying to manage your List from Outlook on your home computer. It’s time to harness the power of Autoresponders.

An Autoresponder is the name for the system managed on a public server, allowing you to pre-write a series of emails and send them to people on your List on a pre-planned delivery schedule.

The advantages of doing this are numerous. Not only are Autoresponders a more efficient way of communicating with your prospects and customers, but the incorporating of them into your marketing system will improve your Sales results, grow your List, and save you a lot of time.

If you alredy have an Autoresponder, are you getting the maximum benefit from it? Now is the time to use an Autoresponder system that not only allows you to send emails, but also integrates with a website shopping cart, tracks affiliate sales, and much more.

Free Audio and Report

We have created a free 1 hour Audio and 11 page Step by Step Guide for you, in which you will:

  • Learn why You must Automate your business;
  • Discover what an Autoresponder and Optin Box can do for you;
  • Set up your first Autoresponder;
  • Write your initial autoresponder message;
  • Create your Opt-in form code to place on websites, blogs, etc…and start building your List;
  • …and more!

Get it right now and start enjoying the benefits of targeted email marketing.

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  1. Lisa / Next Level VA

    Thanks for the great post and the free audio and report. I’ll definately send some of my blog readers you way! Would love to see information on continuity websites.

    Have a great day!

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  2. Robby LeBlanc

    Hi Deb & Mynders,
    Can you imagine where we would be, as internet marketers without auto responders? Lost! Wanted to wish you well on your 30 Day Blog challenge…

    Reply ·
  3. Mynders

    Lisa: just emailed you the report on Continuity Sites.


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