Add Followers from your Facebook Business Page

Like this Add Followers from your Facebook Business PageToday’s social media arena has become so complex. It evolves with new players rapidly, and the old stalwarts are changing their rules frequently. How do you stay up-to-date?

The answer is leverage. Do the few things that can have the biggest impact on your business…and do them well.

In the 7 minute video below, you will learn how to simply take content that you create on your Facebook Business Pages and leverage it to create more ‘Likes’ (followers). And, if your content has periodic links to your optin pages, then you will have the added benefit of bringing many of your social media community over to your in-house List. And this is the ultimate goal.

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  1. Columbia Jones

    Hi Deb and Mynders,

    Yes! This video was great. FB is moving so fast and all tips like this are so helpful.

    Mynders, so sorry to hear about your sprained ankle. I’ve had one too and it’s definitely no fun. (The pain pills helped a lot though.) Good luck for a quick healing process.

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  2. Mynders Glover

    Great, Columbia.
    I am so into finding the laser point of action that will make the difference in our efforts in this crazy fast-paced world in which we live.

    And, I’m getting there on the ankle. :)

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  3. Gail

    hi guys – with the recurring changes in Face Book, how about a 4-6 minute video like this each time something changes in Face Book. Would that actually be too much as there are so many changes so often? thanks for your work. Loved this video.

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  4. Mynders Glover

    Great suggestion, Gail. And very timely. I’ve just lined up a speaker to speak to the Group about a very highly leverageable way to use facebook to build one’s business.

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