Frequent Blogging…A Challenge or An Opportunity?

Deb and I are in the middle of a 30 Day Blogging Challenge sponsored by our good friend, Connie Ragen Green.

I’ll be the first to admit that a blog post every day is a little extreme for the long-term. However, the idea is to get into the habit of frequent posting…both for the benefit of your audience, as well as the traffic-driving benefits.

But there’s an even better reason for frequent posting…and that’s the potentials for repurposing the subject of your posts.

Repurpose Into Articles

A great habit to get into is that…for every blog post that also has a traffic driving potential  to one of your Opt-in Pages…you should also post a variation of that post to Ezine Articles. And then, even further, submit to multiple ezine directories.

We actually do this in reverse. Our biggest resistance seems to be in writing articles, so we focus on that hurdle and then easily repurpose it into our blog posts.

Fresh Course Content

Another benefit of frequent blogging is that it keeps your creative process moving forward. As you think of new topics of interest to blog about with your audience in mind, this creative process serves as fodder for new course content.

And then, when people comment on your posts, you now have confirmation of subject matter that is of true interest to your audience.

So,  remember it’s the little things you do in your business..consistently…that add up to the big results.

I’d like to invite you to scroll down through these recent posts  to see the variety of subject matter Deb and I have shared in the last 2 weeks. Most have related Articles and drive to different optin pages…for different sub-niches. We’re on post #16 and on day 18. It’s a challenge, but we’ll make it.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Martha Giffen

    I am also participating in the blog challenge. You are right that it creates the good habit of writing daily. Also, great ideas regarding repurposing. Blog posts can be the beginning of book chapters also! Glad I found your blog through the 30 day challenge. Good luck to you :)

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  2. Rob Britt

    Glad to visit your site and see such quality content. I think you’ve hit it right on the nose with the challenge of so much writing, but the value to site visitors and re purposing.
    keep it up, we’re in the home stretch now..

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