Play Frisbee Golf, Keep Overhead Costs Low, and Achieve Internet Success!

frisbee 150x150 Play Frisbee Golf, Keep Overhead Costs Low, and Achieve Internet Success!Well, it may not be that simple, but with my birthday on the horizon, I’ve been contemplating what recreation might keep my interest in later years. I know! Extended recreation time? Often hard to imagine that when you’re in the midst of building an online business.

Nevertheless, I’m not the type of person that plays much golf. And the thought of a daily routine of Bridge or other card games makes me break out in a cold sweat.

But recently, good friends introduced me to frisbee golf. They have an 18 hole frisbee golf course in their 5 acre back yard. The sport is much like traditional golf…except played with special frisbee discs and special cage-like targets (instead of holes)…and also without the expensive green fees.

As Deb and I played their course recently, I thought to myself, “Wow! I could really get into this.” 

As A Frisbee Is To Golf……A Low Overhead is To Your Early Business Success! 

Perhaps you know of people working online who have several computers, a spacious office, all the latest software, and subscriptions to all the convenient bells and whistles. Perhaps you don’t have the workspace, the budget, or even the time to learn all that technology.

Well, all you really need is a single computer, an internet connection, and a disciplined work ethic to put you in the same position to be successful as the person above.

I, myself, operate with a single laptop, a folding table out of our spare bedroom, and frequently, work remotely from a table in the library.

As I think about the lessons to be learned from adapting the complex and expensive game of golf to my personal style and applying the learning to building an online business, I realize that it’s all about finding what’s comfortable, and productive, for you…and forgetting the other distractions!

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