From Shooting Video to Publishing in Minutes, Part 2

As soon as Deb and I got our new Flip Video home, we put it to good use. The video clip you see here is a result of some quick snow footage we took. Here are some of the cool things we were able to do.

  • Combining video segments to make a movie. Merge anything in your library into a single movie (with editing capability), adding title, on-screen credits, and the ability to print a website address. You can even add music from a preset library or external source.
  • Upload the video you’ve created to YouTube, Facebook, AOL, etc.
  • Create snapshots from video frames, make a DVD, or a greeting card…all within seconds.
  • And, anything you’ve created can be emailed within the application.

One last benefit. You can download edited movies from your library back onto your flip to take with you, enabling you to show segments on the built in screen or via a direct plug-in to a television/monitor. How cool is that?

So, in today’s internet, when getting quality content on your site is more important than winning awards for presentation, doesn’t it make sense to utilize the shortcut of a tool such as this? We plan to carry ours with us just like we would our pocket digital camera.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

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