Get Started Successfully Online: Seven Key Elements

Building an online business is hard work. It takes time, effort and money. If you do it right, it can be one of the most rewarding and profitable ventures of your life.

Do it wrong, and it will be one of the most frustrating!

If you don’t yet have an online business, or you are working to expand one, there are some pieces you’ll want to have in place sooner rather than later. Some basic – but critical – steps to success.

It’s likely you are spending way too much time researching, trying to figure out the basic foundations of being online, and digging out of the huge pile of hype. Looking for that silver bullet.  Well, you aren’t alone.

Here’s the thing. While there is no silver bullet…

There ARE certain foundational steps you must do if you want to be successful online.

Most Online Entrepreneurs Never Really Get Started

Did they work hard? Absolutely. Did they invest in their business? Yes! Sometimes thousands of dollars.

The BIG question is — how much was systematically implemented? Did they give it their best shot? Did they decide on one approach and then really DO it?

For all too many who were closer than they knew to success, the answer is no. They got distracted by the next new thing to hit their email box. Discouraged by the emails touting other people making overnight profits in six figures.

Seven Key Elements for Getting Started Online

  1. Determine the focus of your site. Do the keyword research.
  2. Set up your foundation (web host, blog, autoresponder, shopping cart, etc. See our Resources for You page for our recommendations).
  3. Choose a marketing method or course that makes sense and that you have a reason to believe will work and commit to implementing it for at least six months.
  4. Spend your time doing the things that will make you money, not on checking out every hosting company and domain name seller or internet course available.
  5. Set realistic and achievable goals for yourself (both action goals and results goals) and your business.
  6. Manage your time and your inputs (email, RSS feeds, tweets, Facebook, etc.). Keep track of what you are doing to build your business.
  7. Stay the course!

And one last tip — learn from those who have been there before you. There is no need to learn everything yourself through personal experience, reinvent the wheel or ‘add your own twist’ to everything you do online.

Most of the basics of making money are the same. They are your business foundation. Once you get your business foundation built, then you can add the personal touches.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Judy Kelly

    I new person or even relatively new need to have those 7 Key Elements down in order to move ahead. Great post.

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  2. John Olson

    Nice post Deb & Mynders. I really appreciate your unselfish way of sharing with everyone. I look forward to your next set of tele-classes.

    John Olson
    Colorado Springs, CO

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  3. Deb

    Thanks John! We appreciate your kind words. Hello to your gorgeous area of CO from the SW corner of Durango.


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