Productivity Tools | Track It and It Will Grow!

helenrappy Productivity Tools | Track It and It Will Grow!OK! It’s  a variation of the classic line from the movie (Field of Dreams), but it’s true as a Revenue-Generating model for your business, as well.Myndersheadshot7 10 Productivity Tools | Track It and It Will Grow!

“Measure What You Treasure!”

You can take action in your business, but if it’s not the right Action, focused on the Goals that are important to get you where you want to go…then you will see weeks, even months go by with little to show for it.

There are two broad areas that you can work on in your business that will enable you to put the systems in place to attract the success you desire.

1. Create a System to Ensure the Progressive Realization of Your Goals

Every month needs to begin with an understanding of what outcomes you desire  to have realized when the last day of the month ticks to a close. Further, you must have a way to track those goals along the way…identifying the action steps required to get there.

But that’s not enough. You need to keep score as you go, and adjust, as necessary. This process needs to include a way to gauge, on a feeling level, how you’re doing in reaching your goals. And it must be fun (or you won’t continue the process).

The best part is that shortly, it will become a habit you won’t want to give up.

2. Establish Procedures to Capture What You Create…to Leverage Your Productivity

 How would you feel if you were on a flight where the pilot  was continually trying to figure out what he/she should do next. Of course not. A pilot follows established procedures, and you should, too.

Let’s face it. There’s just too many moving pieces in our online businesses to ‘wing it’ every time we do our marketing.

It takes just a little bit of effort to document every new step you take in your business. But if you do, then you’ll have…

  • A complete list of your content that you can repurpose into blog posts, articles, emails, reports, products, videos, etc.
  • A set of detailed procedures for every time you create a new opt in or sales page.
  • A template for writing your articles, creating a sales letter or a powerpoint…or any ongoing content creation.
  • A checklist of potential marketing steps you can do for any new campaign.


If this concept makes sense to you, then you’ll want to join Helen Raptoplous and me on a 1 hour Teleseminar, Wednesday, October 13th at 3 PM Eastern to learn all about this process. It’s called “Take Control of Your Business Now… By Putting Structure into Your Business And Social Systems”. Go here to register.

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