Google Hangouts I A Signal of the End of Webinars?

In the last few months, they’ve seen to come out of nowhere. Have no doubt that Google has scored a winner, and you’ll start seeing smart marketers use Hangouts everywhere. Will you be one of them?

In this short video, you’ll learn exactly why Hangouts are so hot and how you can use them in your business!

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Jan

    Thank you, Mynders. I appreciate this short and thorough introduction to Google Hangouts. I had no idea how it could be used. Lovely.

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  2. Sheila Finkelstein

    This was most interesting and timely for me, Mynders. Thank you so much.

    Just this past week a friend of mine told me about Hangouts. I got excited. Did a spontaneous video for my Seniors blog – Chat and Share Your Desktop on Goggle Hangout

    Though what you shared may not be relevant for my audience, it certainly provides whole new openings for me. And, I’m guessing from what you said, or implied, there’s a much simpler way to video and post immediately from my desktop than the process I used.

    So sorry I did not get to NAMS9 early enough to attend your workshop. Hangouts have openend me up to really exploring what Google has available. Thank you!

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  3. Mynders

    I’m glad you found the overview on Hangouts helpful.

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  4. Mynders

    I’m glad my video expanded your understanding of the possibilities with hangouts.
    I looked at your overview article on Google+. Nice. I hope to see you at the next NAMS.

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  5. Sheila Finkelstein

    Thanks for looking at my article, Mynders, and your comment there. I am registered and planning to be at the next NAMS. Looking forward to seeing you there and more interactions before.

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  6. Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

    Very cool.

    Does this integrate with 1SC? In other words, I’d use this for PAID webinars, as an alternative to GotoWebinar. Can I take registration fees through the cart, then on a thank-you page or AR, lead them to the sign-up page for the hangout? Also, any disadvantages to using this because it doesn’t provide some of the other features that GotoWebinar does?

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  7. steve

    Mynders, great video. Is there any way to protect the video from public viewing? I’m specifically thinking about mastermind groups where the content would only be available to the members.

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  8. Mynders

    Joan, Yes you can use it with 1Shopping cart in the manner you say. You’ll simply send them to a URL which they’d go to at the appointed time.

    As long as you have the names of registrants captured, so you can followup in your communications with them, you’re covered.


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  9. Mynders

    Steve, Yes. In the hangout (and subsequent Youtube) settings, you can stipulate Private…requiring special invitation.


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  10. E

    Thanks for the vid on Hangout. (Did you record this using Hangout?)

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  11. Mynders Glover

    Hi E:
    No, I used Camtasia to record a screencast.

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  12. Stephanie Ward

    Very informative and good to know Mynders, thank you for sharing this. I want to do a paid ‘webinar’ and then sell the recording as a product (so wouldn’t want to put it on YouTube).

    I did some searching to find out if there is a way record it and it seems Google doesn’t offer this option. Is that correct? I found this post and wanted to know which one of these, if any, you would recommend? Do you have other suggestions? Many thanks, Stephanie

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  13. Mynders

    Hi Stephanie:
    I’m not familiar with those particular tools, per se, but here’s a different approach.
    1) You can record your hangout on Camtasia if you have another computer handy…just like you would any other screencapture video.

    2) On Youtube, you can make your video private so no one sees it unless you specifically give them the link.

    Hope that helps.

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