GoToWebinar Has Raised Its Prices – Lock In the Old Prices by Feb 28

gotowebinarprices GoToWebinar Has Raised Its Prices   Lock In the Old Prices by Feb 28Webinars are definitely a strong part of marketing online, as well as a key way to provide content to subscribers and customers. Are you using them yet? If you aren’t yet subscribed, but you plan to subscribe in the near future, then now is the time!

Lock In Current Pricing by February 28th

If you check out the current pricing structure on, and on the image to the left, you will see that prices have already gone up – WAY up – for new subscribers to GoToWebinar.

There are still a few ways you might be able to get around this pricing change (see below), but you have to act FAST! Really fast – in fact, these work-arounds are only good through February. And I have to tell you, the success of all but the final one…#4…( may depend upon who answers the phone at GoToWebinar’s customer service.

What was the ‘old’ pricing? You could get up to 1,000 people on a webinar for just $99 a month. Now there are three levels, and that same $99 a month only gets you 100 people on the webinar.

I. Did You Have a GoToWebinar Subscription or Free Trial in the Past?

Did you have a gotowebinar subscription in the past? Or even do the free 30 day trial? If so, you can call their customer support and give them the email associated with the subscription and have them reactivate that account under a free trial that will automatically become an ongoing monthly subscription. You’ll have to give them your credit card info when you call.

II. Did A Friend Have a Subscription They No Longer Use?

Do you know someone who has had an account, or a free trial, and no longer uses it? Maybe they have canceled it in the past? You can ask them to reactivate their subscription, and then give it to you. You can log in and change the email address and credit card information so that it becomes your account. Of course, they’ll have to really trust you to change that credit card information from their card to yours after they do you this great service. But you are trustworthy, right? Or if you can be there with them when they call (in person or by conference call), you may be able to give GoToWebinar your credit card info right from the start.

III. Do You Know Someone Who Has Been Using GoToWebinar Regularly?

Are you aware of anyone who has had a long-standing account with gotowebinar? If so, they may have received a special link that they could share with friends that will allow them to lock in the ‘old’ pricing structure. Give them a call and see if they can share it with you. Be sure to do this by the end of February, though. And sorry, we’re not one of these fortunate people, or we’d share the link right here!

IV. Go to for Robert & Lance’s Webinar course

Lastly, if you were planning to enroll in Robert & Lance’s Webinar course, they provide a link to the old pricing structure when you take action and sign up by Feb. 28th. Just go to and claim your spot. You will get to learn how to do webinars like the masters, and save some big bucks in the process by locking in the ‘old’ prices for GoToWebinar.

Only Act on GoToWebinar If You Plan to Use It Soon!

If you don’t see using webinars as the next logical step in your business, you probably don’t want to add another hundred bucks or so each month to your business overhead by hurrying to lock in these prices.

You can still hold webinars for 100 people for $99 a month with the new prices. Sure, prices skyrocket for more than 100 people, but when you regularly get more than 100 people to attend your webinars, you’ll be able to afford the new prices. Plus, as your business grows, you can upgrade for a month when you get more than 100 people attending, and then switch back to the regular prices after your big webinar is over (remember to upgrade before the webinar!).

And stay tuned – we are going to be including webinars in the very near future. Not for everything, but for those “you just have to see it” sessions, plan to be joining us on webinars.

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  1. Donna Blevins

    Thanks Deb for the headsup – we use GoToWebinar on a regular basic for live poker coaching and in our courses. It has enabled us to move our platform to the virtual market without any loss of personal contact! Robert & Lance’s course is the terrific as well. I highly recommend it.

    By the way, the best hand you can hold in poker is called the Nuts, and as far as I’m concerned, you and Mynders are THE NUTZ!

    Donna “The Poker Coach”

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