Grow Your Online Business by Attending Live Events

Does your niche market have live events? Maybe they are conferences, trade shows, live training events, or other types of gatherings.

If they are happening (and I’ll be they are), are you attending them?

You should be — at least some of them.

Amazing Benefits of Attending Live Events

Increase Your Knowledge

If you choose your events carefully, you can learn a ton of cutting edge knowledge and strategies that will make you money in your business. You might also be able to interview people right there at the conference and give the interview to your subscribers. Mynders did that when he interviewed Kris Hardy at Stompernet and posted it on this blog.

Meet Movers, Shakers and Gurus in Your Niche

One of the best places to meet the key people in your market or niche is at live events. They may be speakers at the conference, or just attending the event.

Be sure to be polite, and don’t annoy them! You can’t even imagine how often they are approached by people they don’t know at all who want the guru to help them out with something. Promote their products, partner on a business idea, or just provide free ‘in the hotel hallway’ consultation. You want to be different. Let them know you have purchased their product or really learned from something they said (be specific), and compliment them (an honest compliment). And then respectfully leave them alone.

If you want to follow up with them, do it after the conference, and reference your brief chat. Always, always make your followups individual and personal — don’t CC or BCC a generic message to them. Use personal, thoughtful, memorable and individual communication.

Discover New Products and Services to Promote to Your List

When you promote products and services to your subscriber list, you always want to be sure that you are offering products that provide quality information, and that the vendor (product creator) is ethical and anyone who purchases from your recommendation will be treated well. If you have actually used the product and experienced the customer service, and found them to be great, then all the better.

Talking to other business owners face to face at the event will let you get your questions answered and give you a feel for whether you want to promote this company’s products and services.

Find JV Partners and Affiliates to Promote Your Products

As you are networking at the event (which you will do at every possible opportunity, right?), get people’s business cards — and give them yours. Write a note on their card to remind you about your conversation, especially if you see the possibility of a JV or affiliate relationship with them in the future.

Be sure to follow up with them after the event. Send them a postcard or letter (it’s actually fun to get snail mail!) instead of just dropping them an email. And make very sure that any followup reminds them of who you are and what you discussed at the conference.

OK! Get out there and find an event to attend!

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