Internet Business Lifestyle: Doing Business from the Road

Lance1501 150x150 Internet Business Lifestyle: Doing Business from the RoadOne of the biggest reasons people want to have an online business is to have the lifestyle.

Much like when you ask people what they would do if they won the lottery (one of the top answers is always “travel more”), when we ask people how their life will change with a successful online business, one of the most common answers is “I’ll travel more with my family.”

The dream of travel, freedom, and the magic of being on the road is a strong one for many budding entrepreneurs.

And we agree!

In fact, I’m writing this from our Lance camper in southern New Mexico.

The Internet Marketing Lifestyle: Travel

Mynders & I took two years off in the early 1990′s and took our catalog business on the road with us in our 34 foot 5th wheel.

It was an entirely different ballgame back then.

We had to pull up to pay phones to make calls or to send faxes. Email and online websites really were beyond us back then, and even if we had had a website, internet access was slow and seldom found on the road.

Nothing was automated. We had a staff back at the office who answered our order lines, packed and shipped products, and ran the credit cards. Boy, we would have loved to have an online order system like 1ShoppingCart that handles most everything 24/7 without our full-time attention.

We communicated with our customers and prospects via snail mail. Everything had to be created, printed, folded, stuffed into envelopes, stamped and then taken to the post office. A costly venture, both in time and money.

Not so any more!

Your Dream is Alive and Well

Now you can set up your online business so it runs automatically whether you are at your phone or computer, even if you sell physical products. Internet access is everywhere. Stop for coffee on the road? Wireless. Get a spot in an RV park? Wireless.

Grab lunch at an open-air bar in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, looking out over the bay to the ocean? Wireless.

And you can even use your computer and your blackberry (with an extra monthly fee) or wireless internet card to access the internet anywhere you can get cell phone access.

Or just answer email with your iphone or blackberry and don’t even boot your computer up for days at a time.

The lifestyle dream is more alive today than ever before.

Plan your online business to allow for automatic customer and prospect contact, order-taking and fulfillment. Get yourself a laptop computer with a good wireless card. Now you have the basis for a big part of the internet marketer’s lifestyle.

Travel. Freedom. Magic.

Tell me what you think. Post your comments below...

  1. Debbie Fiskum

    Boy are you right!!! That’s what I’m goin’ for…just have to learn all that stuff to make it happen. I love the writing and the creating part, but really struggle with “making it happen” as in the techie stuff. Thanks for the teleseminars that you do. They help a lot when I can attend!!

    I just launched my first ebook: Stage Your Home Yourself-Insiders Secrets That Will Get It SOLD!

    The Home Decor Genie – Debbie Fiskum, Denver

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  2. Ben Hanania

    Deb and Mynders,

    You are an inspiration to us all. I really love the story of taking your catalog business on the road. I’m sure most of us would have been scared out of their minds to do that. You are right about the Internet business, it’s so much easier now to work from just anywhere in the world that has an access point.

    Keep up the great posts

    Ben Hanania

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    1. Deb

      Thanks for the comments. I’d love to hear what on-the-road dreams you have in your future!


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  3. Marion Culhane


    It’s fun to read your comments as I write to you from Costa Rica. We’ve been here for the past five days and agree that combining business. play, good friends and travel is one of the most enjoyable ways to live one’s life.

    With all best wishes,

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    1. Deb

      Oh, wow! Costa Rica – awesome beauty there. We travel to Nicaragua from time to time – as you read in the post. Have a wonderful trip, and thanks for checking in with us.


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  4. Sora

    You both have that one right.

    That’s exactly what my goal is. As Debbie Fiskum mentioned I love the creating part but it’s the techie part and that making it happen part that is still my largest challenge.

    However, right now as a no diet coach I’m finishing up my book and so it’s one step at a time. It’s how I keep my balance. Knowing that one step at a time will get me there…

    But my absolute goal is to travel and teach my no diet program and whippee I can’t wait.


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    1. Deb

      And you can do it, Sora! Be sure to set up your techie parts so they are automated to run in the background. It really is magical to be on the road with your business. Well worth getting it done.


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