Kick-off 2010 with this Hands-on Workshop

IF you’ve been online for at least 6 months, AND…you are not yet seeing the financial success you imagined…

CRGreen 0692 150x150 Kick off 2010 with this Hands on Workshop


In late January, three great teachers (Connie Ragen Green, Jeanette Cates, and Suzan Schmitt) are hosting a very affordable Live Event in Las Vegas …and if we didn’t tell you about it, we’d be doing you a dis-service. (The 2nd page you’ll see, from this link, is the Information Page.)


This is not your typical workshop. Connie, Jeanette, and Suzan are still close enough to where you’ve been that they are uniquely qualified to show you the way.

Their Live Training is about learning the winning combination of strategies necessary to achieve the success you want in your internet business.

Their plan is to focus on the four core elements of Online Success: Technology, Marketing, Implementation, and Motivation.

And…if you know that you can benefit from someone looking over your shoulder showing you how do it on the spot, this is it. You owe it to yourself to check it out!


Deb and I will be there, learning right along with you. This will be a very special gathering…which will create some very special long-term connections.

And so, we want to offer you some special Bonuses if you show up as registered under us.

1. Sat. night at the event…join us for a private cocktail gathering with our Group.

2. After the Event…you’ll receive our Special Report…Deb and Mynders’ Top 10 Takeaways from the Workshop.

3. We’ll send you, in late January, our customized “Implementation Checklist”. We’ll take the daily action checklist we utilize every day and modify it to include the Action Steps highlighted in the Workshop.

4. After the Event…join us for a Group follow-up Call just for our Attendees.

Need More Info?…Live Interview with Connie

Tuesday’s  (1/5/09) 6 PM Eastern live Teleseminar  (replay also available)  is a 30 minute Preview Call  with 1 of the 3 hosts…Connie Ragen Green…about what will make this Event be the potential catalyst to pull it all together for you at the start of 2010.

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